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Who Won the Primary Elections

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Barack Hussein Obama, from the state of Illinois, won the 2008 Democratic primary elections. John McCain, from the state of Arizona, won the 2008 Republican primary elections.

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What is the purpose of the Primary election?

choose party candidates for the general election…. More »

Who can Vote in the Primary Elections?

Any registered voter can vote in the Primary Election. There are different offices and jurisdictions so a voter may only vote for the candidates that are within their jurisdictions…. More »

When are the Primary Elections?

It depends on the state. You may want to check with your states or the particular state you’re interested in official website for the exact date…. More »

When is the Primary Election?

Primary elections are held to decide which candidates get to actually run for office. The dates for these elections are determined by the different states…. More »

Why are primary elections important?

In the U.S. political system, primaries are elections run by the states allowing parties to choose their nominees for various elective offices. This is important because these nominees then represent their party on the ballot in the later general ele… More »

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  1. Dsfsdf says:

    I thought that Mitt Romney already won a primary election months ago, so what is the convention all about?

  2. Deysi says:

    Clinton won primary in Texas….. Obama won caucuse there……. What the hell is this ?…….can somebody explain the crazy US election system for a “far far away” fellow on the other side of the planet.

  3. Poptart says:

    Would she maintain the high black vote in a general election if she won primary and Obama is not a vice president.

  4. Mallory Molenda says:

    Those were primary elections. Shouldn’t the Democrats come out on top in a primary? I don’t understand why the media is saying that Obama won on Tuesday and he’s acting as though he picked up seats in Congress. It seems very bizarre to me. What’s going on with this?

  5. Climb_rox says:

    this unemployed 32 yo man paid $10,000 to get on the ballot in south carolina. then he basically did nothing in terms of campagning. and he won the democratic primary. what are the the lowest filing fees to get on ballots, either local or national.

  6. Jesuovie says:

    Let’s take Delaware/ 2010 for example. The person who won the primary beat the person who would have probably won the general election
    Yes, the candidate that lost in Delaware was a RINO, but the tea party nominated a nut bag. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. O-: says:

    Has any other black man in America ever won a states primary in a presidential election other than Barrack Obama?

  8. Answermenowangryface:) says:

    For primary elections, which option do you like best and why?

  9. Bretman says:

    Is there a resource somewhere that has listed all the candidates who ran in the 2008 primary elections by their district? Ideally I could find a biography of the candidates and who won the primary.

  10. Brandon Bukre says:

    I’ve searched it up on wikipedia but I still don’t understand it. Can anyone explain it in dumb-people friendly language? And give examples? Like: At the national level, General Elections are to elect members of ______________.

  11. Chestnutthoroughbred says:

    wouldn’t one have to get atleat 51% of the votes before they are considered the winner?

  12. Denver says:

    thanks a lot

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