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How to Get Rid of Marijuana Smoke Smell

You may have similar questions as How to Cover Marijuana Smell and How to Hide Marijuana Smell,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Eliminate Marijuana Smell. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Getting Rid of Marijuana Smell,too. Read more as following:

To get the smell of marijuana smoke all you really have to do is open up your windows and the fresh air will take the smell out and also light a candle or incense.

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How to Cover Marijuana Smell?

First air out the area which you want to remove the smell from. Then spray air freshener, use potpourri or burn incense. The best thing to do would be not to burn marijuana in an enclosed space if you do not want people to smell it later…. More »

How to hide marijuana smell?

Here’s a better idea: Not having it in your posession. Why get in trouble with the law and your parents eh. Source(s): Not just having a pot-free brain but actually using it…. More »

How can you eliminate the smell of marijuana bud?

the burning smell of tobacco… More »

How Long does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Marijuana (also known as Pot, Reefer, and Weed, among others) will stay in your system for 2-5 days if you are a casual user. For the daily, heavy user pot can be detected sometimes for 30 or more days…. More »

i Need Tips on How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

The easiest way to pass a marijuan drug test is to not do it! But if you have done drugs then the only way to pass a drug screen is to get them out of your system. Drink lots of water or cranberry juice and try to exercise so you sweat and the drugs… More »

How to get rid of smoke smell?

Just open the doors and windows, and let the house air out. The smell will be gone in a couple days. Just make sure to get rid of any paraphernalia, ashes, pot remnants, etc. That could cause the smell to linger for a long time…. More »

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  1. Arch Angel says:

    I know that if you run a shower while you are smoking weed the negative ions released from the water get rid of the marijuana smokes smell… I was wondering if you ran a vaporizer/humidifier while you were smoking if it would get get rid of the smell?

  2. Hang Fire says:

    I have a medical card and I dnt want my neighboors to be able to smell the smoke so what can I do so that it doesnt smell?

  3. Dianasaur says:

    I don’t know where the smell is coming from! The marijuana smell stinks like sh** and awoken me up from my beauty sleep. Argh! It stinks so bad, that I couldn’t sleep anymore. How to get rid of the smell?! I hate marijuana and I hate people smoking around my house.

  4. Tisa says:

    I have just been prescribed medical marijuana, And I am wondering if an air purifier would get rid of the marijuana smell because my wife does not like the smell of it. Thanks

  5. Colebolegooglygooglyhammerhead says:

    How many joints would you have to do to get high but not to the extreme? And how long does it last? Also, how do you get rid of the smell after smoking marijuana?

  6. Dylan says:

    I heard if you stuff dryer sheets into a toilet paper roll and exhale your smoke it kills most of the smell. So is it the smoke your exhaleing what smells or the marijuana or tobacco burning making the smell? Thanks.

  7. Alishaa says:

    I brought and old camera at a yard sale and it smells like marijuana and I don’t smoke. but its a good camera. How can I get rid of the smell with out ruining the camera?

  8. Chestnutthoroughbred says:

    My friend borrowed my glass tobacco pipe and now it wreaks of weed. ( In michigan, if I got pulled over and it smelled strong enough, I could get a paraphernalia charge) I put it in soap and water, etc, the smell won’t go away! Any ideas?

  9. Winterrose says:

    whether it be covering it with another smell or getting rid of it totally…doesnt matter. how can i not get caught by my parents?

  10. Oddity says:

    Getting a new apartment and I use medical marijuana and understand that some neighbors might find marijuana unpleasant. So I’m wondering will an air purifier clear the smell and smoke of marijuana?

  11. Craaig says:

    My neighbor smokes alot of marijuana. I asked if she would stop and she refused. I didn’t want me and my kids smelling it, so I put moth balls in the air vents. My landlord has requested that I remove them. What can I do? They are not in hand reach.

  12. Scott says:

    I know that if i was to smoke tobacco i would get tar and it’s incredibly bad for you, but with marijuana i know that eating the drug itself is fine but what are the risks when i smoke it?

  13. Julia says:


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