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How do I Put Waves in my Hair

You may have similar questions as How To Put Waves In My Hair and How To Put Waves In Your Hair,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Put Cold Wave Rods In Dry Hair. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Black Men's Hairstyles,too. Read more as following:

You can have a friend help you get the waves in your hair. You can go to the barber or hairdresser to have the waves set. Putting waves into your own hair will take some time.

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How to Put Waves in my Hair

There are various ways of adding wave to your hair. You may want to purchase an undulating iron if you’re looking for something less permanent. If you want something a little more permanent you may think about getting a loose perm…. More »

How to put waves in your hair?

1. Wash your hair as normal. Blot it with a towel ( don’t. rub, as the friction badly damages hair and causes split ends) until it isn’t dripping, but is still quite damp. 1. Put your hair in two. loose. plaits. Don’t plait too tightly, or you’ll end… More »

How to put cold wave rods in dry hair?

Video Transcript. Hi. My name is Dayana Medina. And I’m Melisse Medina, the Cardona sisters, owner of 3Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today, we’re going to do a demonstration of how to doing your hair, cold wave rods in dry hair. You will need cold wave… More »

How to Wave Hair

You can wave hair really easily with a hair straightener. All you do is pre-straighten the hair so it’s not frizzy or sticking up anywhere and then when you’re ready to start waving, just move the straightener underneath and over the top, going down… More »

How to Make Hair Waves?

I think the easiest way to make your hair wavy is by washing your hair at night and towel drying it. After towel drying, you may need someone to help you braid your entire head in small braids for a lot of small waves or large braids for larger waves… More »

How to Get Waves in Hair?

to achieve those runway famous waves you will need to style using pin curls or finger waves. Start with putting a good amount of gel in your hair then section hair into small subsections and make a C-shape using a cutting comb. //’,'_blank’)” > More »

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  1. Rfc says:

    My hair is naturally straight and it apparently can’t curl. Does anyone know a way I can put waves in my hair, like beach waves.

  2. Sweetie says:

    My hair is chemically relaxed……Is there a way I can put slight waves in them without using any heated products??? Any creams or anything? I just need slightly wavy hair.

  3. Lilsunshine says:

    If i have a line up A.K.A. tape up, can i put waves in my hair and use a bandanna instead of a Du Rage to cover it?

  4. Lindsey says:

    I love messy beach waves hair but I have no idea how to do it.I’ve read tips in magazines but nothing I’ve tried works.Does anyone know of a way that works?Thanks :) x

  5. Girldragon says:

    I shampoo my hair everyday when i take a shower but when i get out of the shower i put wave grease on my hair. The wave grease seems to keep it moist but i want someone elses opinion.

  6. Angelskies537 says:

    okk i naturally have Waves hair. and when my hair is wet its straight. if i put gel on my hair when its wet will t stay straight. and will have if so. will it puff up or fizzy out.

  7. Terri Louise says:

    I have the Dax wave grove tub (its red) and i’ve been useing it for a week- still no results- do i have to brush my hair in a certain way? Do i have to get a special comb? I want really visible waves- how? My hair is coarse and thick (obviously at the moment i have got it very low- 1 inch)

  8. S says:

    I have the Infinty Wand by Conair, but whenever I curl it my hair it gets really short and scrunched… Is there any way to curl it and keep it long? Or put waves in it and keep the length? Any tips are helpful. Thanks! ;)

  9. Dale says:

    I natural thin straigh hair so i use straighters to put like waves in my hair witch helps make it look thicker but the trouble is the waves never stay
    how can i get them to stay?
    i use alot of hairspray on them already
    i was thinking maybe mousse would help to?

  10. Lacey A says:

    I been brushing my hair then putting sportn waves in my hair then a wave cape but still nothing, am i doing something wrong?
    lol i just noticed i put wave cape
    lol i just noticed i put wave cape

  11. Jenniferc says:

    I’m black just so you guys can know the type of hair I have. I recently put a wave kit in my hair and my hair is too straight as in I’ve gotten a perm and I would like to change my hair back to normal or from being too straight.

  12. Rike Bider says:

    thank you

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