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How does Conditioner Work

You may have similar questions as How Does Hair Conditioner Work and What Is The Best Shampoo And Conditioner,or you may also seek several useful information about How Air Conditioners Work. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Facts about Hair Conditioner,too. Read more as following:

Hair conditioner works a sort of detangler, by providing several ingredients to the hair, such as proteins, and lubricants that remove the frizz from the hair by smoothing and straitening it.

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How does hair conditioner work?

A hair conditioner is a haircare product that moisturizes a hair strand from root to tip. It changes the appearance and texture of the hair, making it look shinier and feel softer to the touch. The first hair conditioner was introduced at a world fai… More »

What is the best shampoo and conditioner?

i find for any hair type herbal essence is the best shampoo and seperate conditioner to use, makes your hair smell lovely and fresh and the conditioner makes your hair so soft…. More »

How Air Conditioners Work?

Air conditioners work by passing hot air over a radiator type coil. Inside the coil is a compressed liquid that with the heat extracted from the air expands to a gas (releasing some energy). This gas is then cycled to a compressor where electrically… More »

How to Fix Air Conditioner?

To fix an air conditioner, you have to identify first the problem. If it is plugged and did not function, try to check if there is supply of electricity in the line…. More »

How to Charge An Air Conditioner?

You charge your air conditioner by first taking it to a reputable auto mechanic. They will use what used to be called Freon which is now a type of gas called R-410A and insert it into an AC port. I think it it is probably alot harder to do than it so… More »

How to Recharge Air Conditioner?

Recharging your car’s air conditioner should only require a few materials like cans of refrigerant and some easy to use service hose connections. Make sure you wear safety glasses and don’t let your skin come in contact with the refrigerant. You don’… More »

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  1. Faith says:

    I need to start using a conditioner because of my breakage and I was wondering what is the best conditioner to use. Will using conditioners do anything to ruin the chemical straightening?

  2. Brendie says:

    Which shampoo and conditioner brand makes your hair grow the fastest? I really want my hair to grow long and fast. Please give me some brand names that are supposed to make your hair grow fast or that you have used. Please help!!

  3. J Y says:

    Which shampoo and conditioner brand makes your hair grow the fastest? I really want my hair to grow long and fast. Which brand makes it grow the fastest?

  4. Chrombutterfly says:

    I want a long lasting conditioner that makes my hair smell really good even after a few days?

  5. Ppuuuurr says:

    Whenever i dye my hair that conditioner leaves my hair all soft, do they sell it ? Is it the fructis color treated conditioner ?

  6. Lakeland says:

    everyone uses shampoo and conditioner, so what will happen if you use conditioner and shampoo? ive just wanted to know but im scared to try because what if my hair fell off or something. pls halp.

  7. Mark S says:

    Can you use regular conditioner in theplace of conditioner? What is the difference?

  8. Kortni says:

    I want a shampoo/conditioner set that will keep my hair healthy, soft, and keep my color stay in. I use Tresemme now and it is fine and cheap. I have used Herbal Essences, Pantene, and Garnier Fructis before. I like all of them, but I’m wondering if there are more shampoos I should try?

  9. Katy says:

    I am currently using Pantene as both shampoo and conditioner,but words says it is THE worst possible hair product.
    I need a shampoo and conditioner that gives my hair more volume and moisture. Suggestions? Thank you!

  10. Nancy says:

    My beautician advised me to apply hair conditioner just to the hair alone and not to the roots. What will happen if it is applied to the roots? Is it safe to use hair conditioners?

  11. Lorna Doom says:

    I have applied conditioner after shampooing partially onto my scalp before, and recently I’ve been hearing that you shouldn’t do that. What happens if you do?

  12. Uliandra says:

    Right now I’m using herbal essences shampoo and conditioner. I want a fairly cheap shampoo that keeps hair healthy and soft and shiny. So what do you use to get soft hair? Also is there a good shampoo for girls with red hair?

  13. Brooklyn says:

    thanks a lot

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