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What is Yellow Root Used for

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Yellow root is mainly used as a medicinal tea in alternative medicine. Another name for yellow root is goldenseal and is known as a combatant against colds.

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What Is Yellow Root Good For?

Yellow root is the single member of the genus Xanthoriza, and is a subshrub (a short, woody shrub). It is used in different traditional medicines as an herb…. More »

Where does yellow root grow wild in kentucky?

Yellowroot flowers in April. The blooms are comprised of greenish-white sepals and have no petals. The fruits, which greatly resemble raspberry, ripen in July. Yellowroot is also known as ground raspberry because of the fruits it produces, but the be… More »

What does Yellow Root Look Like?

A yellow root looks like a small stick but it’s actually a short woody plant. It’s great for ailments and other treatments. It is grown for aesthetic purposes…. More »

How to Use Yellow Root to heal many health problems

1 Yellow root plants grow from six to fourteen inches tall. They emerge in early spring, making flower buds that make white flowers. Every plant makes a single green berry that turns red in late June or July. The root, or rhizomes, are harvested in t… More »

What Is Ginger Root Used For?

Nausea and Vomiting According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, ginger root has been found to relieve nausea and vomiting and is used in the treatment of motion sickness and pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. Digestive Aid Ginger root… More »

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  1. Leyla says:

    i colored my hair blonde from a medium brown..
    it came out with pale yellow roots and a strawberry orangeish blonde throughout the rest..
    i want it to be medium blonde.
    what can i do to get it that way? should i bleach again? or just use the boxed color.
    please help :)

  2. Markcomrad says:

    Is it the same as the variety used in herbal medicine? If not , does anyone know they name of both please?

  3. Ordog says:

    I noticed recently that my teeth are a little yellow towards the root, so i was just wondering, what are some ways to make them whiter? I never drink soda but i do drink juice every day, and i already use extreme whitening toothepaste, if that helps.

  4. Ghazal Bayat says:

    The grass in my backyard lawn is turning yellow in large patches due to the excessive heat. I water everyday, sometimes a little late in the morning. What can I do to turn the yellow grass to green again?

  5. Matt says:

    Yellow leaves are a sign, is this true. One problem is i have to water more than normal as i have built [quite successfully] my garden on the roof here in Vietnam, and where there is no shade it gets extremely hot.

  6. Scripted says:

    I want to use peroxide to brighten my blonde hair. Can someone tell me how to do it? Don’t make comments about blondes being sluts because its off topic and stereotypical.

  7. Catgirl says:

    I got my hair highlighted yesterday to get the roots done and asked for it to be lighter than usual as I wanted to achieve a nice white blonde colour. But after getting it done there are some yellowish tones, would a purple shampoo make these lighter?

  8. Stephenie says:

    I’ve heard a little bit about it from someone not so long ago that salt (maybe just a type or some types of it) can be used in growing plants, food crops in particular. I think the salt serves as like the fertilizer. Does anyone know of any project or research about this?

  9. Johnny Bravo says:

    The stalk turned yellow on one of them. I just changed the water and cleaned the rocks. Please help :( It is the only fun thing at work, and I work hard to take care of it! haha
    There are two stalks, tied together. The other one is doing just fine.

  10. Sonicboom says:


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