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Who Invented the First Shampoo

You may have similar questions as Who Was the First Person to Invent Shampoo and When Was Shampoo Invented,or you may also seek several useful information about Who Invented Shampoo and Conditioner. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Who Invented the Very First Hair Shampoo,too. Read more as following:

The first shampoo was invented, by the hairdressers in England. In 1877 the hairdressers were boiling, soap in soda water and would add herbs.

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Who was the first person to invent shampoo?

In 1762 Sake Dean Mahomed opened "Mahomed’s Steam and Vapour Sea Water Medicated Baths" in London. This introduced a very old Indian custom of massaging cleaning agents into the hair and scalp. Mahomed used the Indian word cha mpo to describe the pro… More »

When was Shampoo Invented?

Shampoo wasn’t even invented until the late 1930′s . Before then people we’re using bar soap to wach their bodies and their hair.Although it was believed to be started by the indian tribes…. More »

Who invented shampoo and conditioner?

shampoo is made from warm water, lemon juice,and 2 eggs by asia.!!!!!!!!!!!!… More »

Who Invented the First Shampoo?

Shampoo dates back to 1877! The first shampoo was invented by English hairdressers and was made by boiling soap and soda water with added herbs. Talk about the first Herbal Essence! … More »

What year was shampoo invented?

Shampoo dates all the way back to 1762 in asian countries. ChaCha!… More »

Who invented the shampoo?

The history of Shampoo goes back to the ancient tribes of India although the original inventor is still not known. The word has been used according to history from the year 1762. Dean Mahomed introduced the term ‘shampoo’ and opened a bath which was… More »

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  1. Hound says:

    I am looking for a volumizing shampoo that will help my hair have volume and not be so flat and life less so shortly after I wash and dry it. I have tried everything and it looks lifeless to fast. HELP!

  2. Harsheeta says:

    Any good moisturizers and shampoo’s without sulfate?

  3. Torn Apart says:

    I know this may seem a little weird but it’s driving my sister and I crazy! My sister says dog shampoo was invented at least 50 years ago and I say it’s a more recent thing. Which one of us is right?

  4. Diamond says:

    Then you dont need soap separate.

    Also there could be a lever for shampoo.

  5. Danicalifornia says:

    i dont want my hair to get greasy but i have all these little fly aways that i want to smooth down….i already use john friedas frizz ease serum but i think i need a shampoo and conditioner to fight the frizz too…my hair is thick and straight

  6. Shaymin says:

    I’m currently using an argon oil shampoo without all the sulfates and paraben, but it leaves my hair feeling rough. I want to try Mane N Tail shampoo but it has sodium laurel sulfate. Is it safe for me to switch to a shampoo with the sulfate if I only wash once a week?

  7. U says:

    I recently dyed my hair dark and I don’t like it. I want to remove some of it so I can dye it a lighter color for prom. Will stripping the color using dandruff shampoo (I’ve been told that this works) make my hair more receptive of the lighter dye? I’m only trying to go a few shades lighter.

  8. Alanna Gabriel says:

    i used shower gel on my hair does it do any harm ,it just smelled so good and i had to use it but i wasn’t thinking right i thought maybe it damages your hair but my hair feels normal.why do they even invent separate shampoos anyway?is it bad for my hair or health?

  9. Alexescapes says:

    how did people cut thier nail and hair and shave thier breads befour clipers and razors were invented. i rember watching a documentary and i seen tribal ppl trimming with a stick. but how can u cut it with a stick.

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