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How Long do Amphetamines Stay in System

You may have such questions as What over the Counter Drugs Contain Amphetamines and How Long Do Amphetamines Stay In Your System,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Long Does Speed Stay in Your Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List of Amphetamines,too. Read more as following:

Amphetamines can stay in the system anywhere for 2 days to 5 days. This is how long they will be detected on a urine test. Methamphetamine is usually detectable for at least 3 days.

What over the counter drug contains amphetamines?

None. Buy energy drinks/shots for the rush, go to your friendly local dealer and look for some uppers, or go to the doctor and say you have ADD/ADHD and run through the test that will hopefully (for you) come up as positive for those mental disorders... More »

How Long do Amphetamines Stay in Your System?

Most amphetamines stay in your system for about 3 days. However, depending on what they are cut with, they could stay for up to 30 days.... More »

How long does speed stay in your body?

If you mean staying active, keeping the high going, then 8-12 hours. However, if you meant staying in your system for a drug test, 2-4 days.... More »

How Long does Ritalin Stay in Your System?

Ritalin's half life can stay in your system for up to 4 hours. If you completely stop taking Ritalin then it will be clean from your system completely after 24 hours.... More »

What medicines contain amphetamines?

Brand names of the drugs that contain, or metabolize into, amphetamine include Ad...... More »

How long do prescription amphetamines stay in the system?

2-4 Days Amphetamines stay in the system for 1-3 days, methamphetamines stay in the system for 3-6 days.... More »


  1. Sammy Reply:

    I know adderall comes up as amphetamines, which cocaine and heroin are also classified in. im worried that if im randomly drug tested (and no, i do not have a prescription), ill show up postive. exactly how long does adderall stay in your system for a blood or hair test?

  2. Eric Reply:

    How long will a Vyvanse 40 mg Stay in your system for if you only take one? I know it shows up on a drug test as a Amphetamine but how long will one of them stay in for?
    What is a water soluble substance?

  3. Aniket Mankar Reply:

    My husband never takes valiums but took one 2 days ago and has a urine test tomorrow for a job. He is short and weighs 110. Can he pass a drug test tomorrow and how can he get it out of his system?

  4. Its A Blue Moon Reply:

    I got a prescrition for adderrall and obover a 2 week period I took 110 noe I have to take a drug test -how long does it stay in your system?

  5. Gerald P Reply:

    I took dextroamphetamine today at around 1 PM i have a special occaision tonight and plan on drinking alchohol at around 8PM is that too soon together? If so how long should i wait in Between taking dextroamphetamine and drinking

  6. Alli99 Reply:

    it was the first time i took Adderall, a 20 Mg, to help me concentrate at work and i completly forgot that i drop in two days. if its not a normal substance in my system, should i be worried? i have never dropped dirty before. any ideas of what i can take to help clear it out of my system?

  7. Andrea Harvey Reply:

    How long are these drugs detectable on a urine test. I’ve researched the internet some say 8-10 hours others say 2-3 days some say 7-10 days. Does anyone know or have a reliable site that gives an answer. Better yet doese anyone know from experience.

  8. Joo Reply:

    In refrence to Landis, He tested positive on Thursday, but clean on Friday. If testosterone is going to work, shouldn’t it stay in your system?

  9. Chase Reply:

    How long does hydrocodene or darvocet stay in your system before you can have a clean drug test?

  10. Nathan Reply:

    im afraid im going to have to drug test and i take adderall a few times a week and no im not prescribed to it how long does it stay in the system and is there something i can do to make it leave my system quicker?

  11. Raprap Reply:

    I took 9 detox pills yesterday, along with about a gallon of water. If the test is today, will i pass?

  12. Arc Reply:

    I know it shows up in a drug test, but if I take adderall, how long will it stay in my system?

  13. Bart Reply:

    Nobody seems to know how long mephedrone stays in your system for, but with the science and technology of today there must be someone who knows? What can be done to get this type of drug out of your system so it does not show up on a urine drugs screening. Any answers will be appreciated.

  14. Cierra Reply:

    I take Ritalin and need to take a drug test to get a job at a hospital, I was told it can show possitive as an amphetamine and hospitals don’t care if you have a doctor’s note for a condition like HDHD..which is my case..
    ADHD..please diregard my spelling

  15. Meatplosion Reply:

    How long does it stay in the system? I took it on a friday night and have a urine test monday morning.

  16. 15murad Reply:

    How long do drugs (amphetamines/speed to be specific) stay in your system for? In a month if i take a drug test will it come out clean? If not, what are some ways of getting it out of my system faster?

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