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How Long does Alcohol Thin Your Blood

You may have such questions as How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Blood and Does Alcohol Thin or Thicken Blood,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Shelf Life of Alcohol,too. Read more as following:

Alcohol will thin your blood for as long as you have it in your bloodstream. In most cases it takes one hour per drink for the body to rid itself of the alcohol. Figure your blood is thin for as many hours as you had drinks.

How long does alcohol stay in your blood?

It actually doesn't depend on your height or weight. The blood alcohol level a given amount of alcohol will produce depends on your height and weight, but how quickly you process the alcohol and get it out of your system doesn't. A typical person can... More »

Does alcohol thin or thicken your blood?

Researchers have confirmed that drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol can...... More »

How Long does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

There are a few different factors to how long alcohol stays in your system. About 10% of what is consumed will leave your body through sweat, urine, and your breath. The rest is broken down in your body by way of metabolic rate called blood alcohol c... More »

Does drinking alcohol thin the blood?

Yes. Alcohol, even when consumed in moderate amounts, will thin the blood.... More »

How Long does Alcohol Stay in Your Body?

Alcohol can stay in your system anywhere from six hours to two days depending on your size and how much you drank.... More »

Is alcohol a blood thinner?

Researchers have confirmed that drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol can affect blood...... More »


  1. Aslan Reply:

    Plnasieg to find someone who can think like that

  2. Samanta F Reply:

    i know that staying hydrated and drinking a good amount of water will help with hangover prevention.

    but is the clear alcohol thing realy true or a myth?

    for example lets say i choose to either get drunk off of whiskey or vodka. will there realy be a difference the next day?

  3. Antonio Reply:

    I know a long time ago it was almost a regular thing…have things changed?

  4. Midnight Reply:

    I had a surgical abortion at ten weeks on Tuesday and I was wondering when you can drink alcohol? I don’t mean in huge quantities just one or two glasses of wine. Also would anything happen if I did drink some?

  5. Slorrel Reply:

    I’m getting my first tattoo today. A pretty big one on my back. And my artist said not to take aspirin or drink Mt. Dew. Is it because of the caffiene or is there something else in there that thins the blood?

  6. Patrick Reply:

    I got my Tattoo Thursday morning it’s now Monday morning. I’ve been putting my cream on then wrapping it up. (The tattoo is from my ribs to my stomach) Also how long do I keep putting cream on it? And how long will it take to fully heal? Thanks.

  7. Sailorknightwing Reply:

    I am going to get a tattoo tomorrow and I want to take Tylenol before i get it. How long does it take to work?

  8. Mr.teamonmyback Reply:

    Are high blood pressure and anxiety related, and if so what sort of risk is there.

  9. K K Reply:

    I got 3 wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday (Tuesday) and my bday is this Saturday .. Will I be able to drink alcohol?

  10. Gingerhairedgirl Reply:

    I know I need to be careful of my nose for a long time, but can you still drink a bit? Is it a blood thinner? Just curious.

  11. Mystacall Reply:

    im just wondering. i get bloody noses here and there and im wondering, lets say i get pretty drunk one night and i get a bloody nose.

    will it bleed 2 times as badly? 3 times as badly?

    or are alcohols blood thinning properties mild?

  12. Thecoolestpersonalive Reply:

    Getting my left nipple pierced today, as I had the right one pierced last week. Just wondering what the recommended time after having this piercing is to be able to drink alcohol, as I heard it thins the blood and I don’t want to start bleeding everywhere lol.

  13. Jayden Reply:

    how long after consuming alcohol does it take for your blood to return back to its normal “thickness”?

  14. Miller Diggs Reply:

    I’m turning 18 in a few days and have been told that I have to wait to get a tattoo for a certain amount of time after drinking due to alcohol thinning the blood. I plan to get Absolutely legless in celebration and want to know how long it is advisable to wait for after wards.

  15. Attilio Brandi Reply:

    ok my question is, in my understanding if you have thin blood that makes it harder to clot? is that right?

    and alcohol thins your blood, is that right?

    so if you had a lot of alcohol in your system and you got hurt, would it take longer for the bleeding to stop as a result of thin blood?

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