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how long does marijuana show on a drug test

You may have similar questions as How Long Does It Take to Pass a Drug Test and I Need Tips on How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test,or you may also seek several useful information about How Far Back Can a Mouth Swab Drug Test Go Back. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Beating Drug Tests for Marijuana,too. Read more as following:

How long marijuana can show up on a drug test depends on what type of test you are given. A urine test can detect up to 2 months, a blood test can go even further back.

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How long does it take to pass a drug test?

You’ll probably pass, but there’s a risk you won’t. That uncertainty is the price you pay for being a drug user. THC can be detected in urine for several weeks, and for several months in some people, sometimes. You don’t know if you’re a "sometimes"… More »

i Need Tips on How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

The easiest way to pass a marijuan drug test is to not do it! But if you have done drugs then the only way to pass a drug screen is to get them out of your system. Drink lots of water or cranberry juice and try to exercise so you sweat and the drugs… More »

How far back can a mouth swab drug test go back?

for a regular user, about 30 days…. More »

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test Naturally?

There is no guarantees on naturally detoxifying your body to pass a saliva test. But, if you know detection period of the particular drugs in use that will help. If you don’t use drugs and be around drugs prior to drug test date. Drink LOTS of water… More »

How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana?

The best way to pass a drug test is to..well..not do drugs. You can try one of the drug test passing kits sold at vitamin stores but most of them don’t work. You’re better off being honest about your usage and promise not to do it again…. More »

How to pass a marijuana drug test?

STOP….Smoking for 30 days, then take the drug test. There are no easy ways out of this. Trust me my son has done everything and bought everything to avoid falling this test. So far every quick fix he has bought and drank or took has failed. There w… More »

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  1. Jamie says:

    My boyfriend had to take a hair drug test for work. He quit smoking weed a while ago, but about 65 days ago he had two hits. I’ve searched everywhere to see whether this will be enough to show up on a hair drug test.

  2. Joey says:

    I smoked two bowl out of a pipe between four people around september 14th and took a drug test for a new job yesterday, october 3rd. Before this I hadn’t smoked at all in over 3 months. I’m average weight and body fat and am decently active. Should this ua come up clean?

  3. Jacket says:

    a question on my bio homework.

    a 165 lb 18 year old has never smoked before. he takes on hit. how long would it take for the marijuana to not show up on a urine drug test?

  4. Cows says:

    I’m Applying for jobs. I just wanted to know how long Marijuana Stayed in your system. Like how long will it stay so i dont get it showing up in the drug screening tests. it’s most likely a saliva test. PLEASE HELP?!?!? and are there any remedies to have it taken out of your system sooner.

  5. Asraf says:

    I smoked for the first time about 7 days ago, Ive been applying at jobs but this one job i would really like to apply for drug test and does background checks. Im just wondering how long marijuana stays in your system so i can apply for this job with out getting rejected.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this ion drug scanning of the skin? Any info on how this ion scanning works and long marijuana shows up on these tests for someone that uses would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance

  7. Rach says:

    say i smoked last friday. when would it show up in a urine drug test? and how long will it take for it to not show anymore?

  8. Secret Stranger says:

    I took a couple hits off a marijuana joint 2/12 months ago(first time in 25 years!)…Would that show positive in a drug screen test? And with it being a small amount, could it be small enough to be second hand smoke?
    TY very much for your help!

  9. Jignesh says:

    How long does it take for one hit of marijuana to leave the system? Will one hit even show up in a drug test? It was pretty good stuff….

  10. Pit Bulls Are Great Dogs says:

    I first smoked Feb 20 and again about 7 weeks after but it had no effect. Im plannimg to do it again with my girlfriend. so for a person that has smoked 3 times, how long will it take for the marijuana to not show up in a drug/blood test?

  11. Fluttershy says:

    I smoked a couple days ago. I only took 3 hits and I rarely smoke like once a month. How long is the THC going to stay in my body before i can pass a pee test, (drug test). I am 5’6″, 115 pounds. I don’t know when the drug test is. It might be in 5 days or in 15 days. How long till I am clean?

  12. Animal R Friends Not Food says:

    I have to take a mouth swab drug test, havent smoked in almost a week, but before that was a pretty heavy user. How long will marijuana usually stay in saliva?

  13. A Concerned Citizen says:

    First, I’d like to say I would rather not be lectured on smoking marijuana. But anyways, i used to smoke pretty regularly(1 to 2 times daily). I have not smoked since August 14th but will be subject to a pre employment drug test in the next few days. Should i be worried?

  14. A Dreamer says:

    My friends parents are drug testing her, she didn’t smoke a lot and has only smoked once… (around 2 short hits) she’s pretty small, like 105 IBS and 5’3″ and works out about three times a week. (she smoked a week ago) will the test come out as positive?

  15. Anthony Gray says:

    My boyfriend has to pass a drug test, he’s three months clean maybe a little more, would it still come up in the blood stream?

  16. Heera says:

    Will it show up right away after using it, or does it take a few hours, or days?

  17. Lakeland says:


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