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Should Stool Float Sink in Toilet

You may have similar questions as Should a Bowel Movement Float and How Much Salt Does It Take to Float an Egg,or you may also seek several useful information about Why Do Some Objects Sink While Others Float. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Why Does My Poo Float,too. Read more as following:

Stool that contains high levels of fat or air may remain buoyant and float on the top of the toilet. This can be an indication of mal-absorption issue, if this happens on a regular basis. However, if you have consumed gassy foods or ones with a high fat content this is to be expected.

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should a bowel movement float or sink?

Float…. More »

How Much Salt does It Take to Float An Egg?

Adding salt to water causes the water to become denser, therefore causing things to float. To make an egg float you need to add about 9 teaspoons of salt…. More »

Why do some objects sink while others float?

Density : if the weight per "cubic foot" is less than water it floats, if more it sinks…. More »

What do Fatty Stools Look Like?

Steatorrhea, or fatty stools, are usually common with malabsorption. It is usually foul smelling, frothy, floating, large, or pale. It’s common with celiac disease as well as other malabsorption syndromes…. More »

Last week I changed to a vegetarian diet so what color should my stool be?

I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian too. What do you mean by your stool? Source(s): EDIT: ohh hahahah i thought you meant like an actual stool that you sit on. Well i’m lacto-ovo and mine’s the same colour… atleast I think so, I don’t look at it. Should be… More »

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  1. Ismael Ruiz says:

    I know it may sound a little weird, but I’ve been noticing lately that my feces float instead of sinking to the bottom of the toilet. I know it may have something to do with my diet? But I’m not sure?!

  2. Jignesh says:

    Sometimes before I flush, I notice either a floating stool, or one that has sank. What is the difference?

  3. Eric James says:

    This is a serious question so i need a serious answer! :)

  4. Kittynyc says:

    I suspect it has to do with what you eat and fiber content. High fiber will produce a floater?

  5. Holly says:

    We have galvanized pipes and the installer says that it because of the change in water pressure, it caused debris to flake off and plug the line. They are not responsible. It’s only affecting the toilet. The sink and shower work fine. I’m looking for a way to fix it myself. Any ideas?

  6. Rachel Willis says:

    oh yah im 16 weeks with my second and would like to have him some what if not all the way potty trained by the time the next one comes.

  7. Babyv22 says:

    My friend is a little constipated… She went to use the bathroom and nothing came out. Before she got up she seen blood drop in the toilet. She thought she was getting her period but then realized it came from her anus. Any thoughts on what the cause of this is??

  8. Julesgirl says:

    Usually #2 sinks but what if it completely floats at the surface of the toilet water instead of even touching the bottom? What does that mean?
    I understand they’re less dense, but what causes that? Like is it a sign of something wrong or diet deficiency or is it a good sign?

  9. Ms. H says:

    i’m just curious about liver/gallbladder cleanses. they claim that once you finish the cleanse of 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice and drink 4T of water and epsom salt. that ur next bm will have “stones” that float in the toilet. does any one know if the sink or swim?

  10. Planetary says:

    but why does my fecal matter sometimes float to the top of the bowl and at other times ( frequently nowadays ) sinks right to the bottom . is floating healthier than sinking ?

  11. Michaelangelo says:

    i want to know why this happens sometimes and is it a good sign or a bad one?

  12. Lukas Mosashvili says:

    Everytime I poop I never have any pooh transer onto the toilet paper. I love it because I literally don’t have to wipe more than once.. Is this normal? Because my boyfriend says he always has to wipe like 10+ times.. Am I lacking fibre or something, also my poop sinks it doesnt float

  13. Happy12323 says:

    it burns like rotten egg on a sidewalk smells just as bad plus its green. is that normal?

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