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what does weed do to your brain

You may have similar questions as What Does Weed Do to Your Body and How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does Weed Look like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Does Weed Harm Your Body,too. Read more as following:

Marijuana affects your brain in a lot of ways. It affects your ability to think clearly and speak clearly. Also it affects your memory and your ability to walk without wobbling.

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What does Weed do to Your Body?

It alters your state of consciousness. In some cases depressing the system, in others stimulating the system. It is not harmless or helpful…. More »

How Long does Weed Stay in Your System?

Marijuana can stick in your body for up to 90 days if you are smoking a lot of it daily. There is no true way to get it out of your system other than to just let it happen. You can try drinking a lot of water or cranberry juice. Some people think tha… More »

What does Weed Look Like?

Weeds do not always look like dead brown grass. A lot of weeds actually look like flowers, like dandelions. As pretty as they may look they suck the nutrients from your lawn and other plants…. More »

What does Weed do to Your Brain?

The facts on what marijuana, also called weed, can do to your brain are not yet clear. Some studies have shown short term memory loss. Other studies dispute these findings…. More »

Does weed kill brain cells?

There has been no scientific study confirming the myth that it kills brain cells that I have ever seen. Actual negative effects include paranoia, which happens somewhat often but causes the imbiber to become more cautious, and anxiety in some cases,… More »

How smoking weed affects the brain?

Marijuana is made up of more than 400 different chemicals. More than 60 of these chemicals are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids form in the human body after cannabis (marijuana) is metabolized. They are psychoactive compounds. The most prominent kind of ca… More »

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  1. Adrianna says:

    I always hear that weed kills brain cells but when i ask “how” i never get an answer. That or i get “uuuu i dont know it just does”. Even if you dont think it does i still want your opinion.

  2. Sawyer Campbell says:

    I know weed kills brain cells but can subjecting yourself to “trippy” visuals cause you to lose even more brain cells? I’ve herd that watching or looking at stuff like that while you’re high can really mess with which lead me to wounder if it has further effects on the brain.

  3. Chey says:

    I’m not asking if smoking weed prevents brain damage, I know it kills brain cells, I just want to know a good limit so I’m not killing my brain off fast. I smoke weed everyday, but some days I feel I’m unable to think straight because of it, I mean I love smoking weed but I love my brain more.

  4. Denisha says:

    Okay, alot of people say thy weed kills your brain cells so I want to know how long it takes for it to kill your brain cells, if you do it. Once or twice a week

  5. Watch Man says:

    Somebody told me that smoking weed destroys your brain cells. How bad can it hurt them or effect you?

  6. Sean says:

    I heard from a friend that smoking weed while your brain is still developing (say ages 15/16) it could mess up your memory, short and long term. Is this true?

  7. Aslfuh says:

    i smoked weed for brain health reasons (as recommended by a top neurologist. to recover from a concussion).

    My breating seems fine and my running isnt effected, so does that equal good lungs? im 25

  8. Holly says:

    i smoked weed for brain health reasons (as recommended by a top neurologist. to recover from a concussion).

    My breating seems fine and my running isnt effected, so does that equal good lungs? im 25

  9. Arianna says:

    Im not sure if it does at all. If weed kills braincells, can you compare it to something. Liek 1oz compared to beer or something.

  10. Teresa says:

    Everyone has been saying that smoking weed effects your brain cells but my doctor told me that in most cases it stimulates them… So which is true?

  11. Madi says:

    By very traumatic I mean multiple brain contusions, skull fractures, broken bones in my ear, and double vision. Do you think it will hinder my recovery? The doctor said don’t do any drugs, but you would think that every doctor would tell you NOT to do drugs… Right?

  12. Tristen M says:

    I found a really quiet field where I could transplant my plants but will they grow in the ground where there is grass. Yes I know smoking cannabis is bad for you everybody knows that so please no answers like “get a life” or “weed kills brain cells”.

  13. Isaiah says:

    Like even after your high wears off does the weed still affect the brain even the slightest bit like the next day or a few days after?

  14. Darqsnow says:

    Also could it be possible for weed to cause physical withdrawals?

  15. Midnightfruit says:


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