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what household products can i get high off of

You may have similar questions as Which Household Herbs Will Get Me High and How to Make Speed,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Make Cocaine from Household Goods. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to What Household Products Can I Use to Get High,too. Read more as following:

Any time that you deprive your brain of oxygen for any length of time, you will get high. Many people "huff" household cleaners, vegetable cooking sprays, and Co2 cartridges. Thousands of people die each year from inhalants.

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Which Household Herbs Will Get Me High?

Green tea, dried banana peel, and oregano can all be used much the same way as marijuana. Nutmeg is classified as a spice but should be noted as a powerful hallucinogen when taking in great concentration…. More »

How to Make Speed?

Making speed is a chemical process that is very dangerous and highly illegal. You should not try to make speed unless you like the idea of a length prison term or a painful death when your clandestine lab explodes, because if you have to ask this que… More »

How to Make Cocaine from Household Goods?

You can’t make cocaine from household goods. Mostly because like pot cocaine comes from a plant. The plant is then processed into a powder form. There are some drugs that can be made from things like antifreeze but cocaine is from nature…. More »

How to Get High With Household Products?

There are many ways to get high with household products, however this is very dangerous and should not be done. They can cause health issues, even death…. More »

How to Get High Off of Household Items?

People have discovered that many household items, especially cleaning products, can induce a feeling of being high. Most highs from household items are achieved by huffing, or inhaling, the products. It is very dangerous and can cause serious health… More »

How to clean soot off furniture using household products?

1. To vacuum up dusty soot, hold the nozzle of a heavy-duty vacuum 1/2 inch above the furniture. Use a straight-edged attachment, rather than a brush, and use a canister vacuum if possible, instead of an upright machine. 2. Remove the drawers from dr… More »

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  1. Masoami says:

    Im doing a health project and I have to know which household products most teens get high off of, and which products they use to make other drugs.

  2. Emmabee says:

    Im not going to get high off household products. The thought just came to my mind and i was just wonderingg.

  3. Night Crawler says:

    What are a few things that could possibly be used to get high off of that would be in your cabinent? I’m worried about my daughter finding anything she can to get high.

  4. Amber Mabery says:

    I’m having problems with squirrels attacking my birdfeeders, which are hanging on shepherd staffs. Is there any (safe) household products that deter these pesky critters?

  5. S Barmen says:

    I heard it can be a relaxant and give you a sort of high feeling.
    How would I go about smoking this?

    Any other household products I could use?

  6. Jaimie says:

    I am a big fan of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, good old Ajax powder for cleaning tubs, and baking soda/vinegar combos for everything from drain openers to cleaning tile. Whats your household secret?

  7. Diamond says:

    Is there a way to unclog a drain using regular household items? I know the baking soda + vinegar one, so was wondering if you had anything else along the green route. Thanks.

  8. Smileygirl says:

    I have fabric die on my hands after an art lesson and i can’t get it off my hands it’s been there for days anyone now ho to get it off?

  9. Holly Pennington says:

    This is a natural science project and is for a grade 8. Any suggestions for ideas and what and how to make please?

  10. Ordog says:

    I have tried almost everything that I know of and yet there is still green. Do you know of any good products or even home remedies to get rid of it? It is a freshwater tank with tropical fish.

  11. -- Amit -- says:

    Recent news is there. Everybody are talking about high inflation. I just want to know how exactly it is effecting to the economy.

  12. Asperger says:

    My Mum has a little white Ford fiesta which she brushed against a brick wall. A friend of hers said she could paint over it with ordinary household paint but should it really be done with say a spray can of car paint from Halfords.

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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