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where does mushrooms come from

You may have similar questions as Where Do Mushrooms Come From and where do magic mushrooms come from,or you may also seek several useful information about How Come Mushrooms Are Not Green. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Types of Mushrooms,too. Read more as following:

Mushrooms come from spores that are produced by other mushrooms. Spores are like fine particles or dust, they are like little mushroom seeds. Cows ingest the seeds and then the mushrooms grow in their feces.

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Where do Mushrooms Come from?

Shiitake mushrooms have taken supermarkets especially in the United States by storm. These kind of mushrooms are shipped over from China which takes about two weeks for arrival into the United States. … More »

Where do magic mushrooms come from?

There are so many wild mushrooms in the world today. Most can make you extremely sick and you can die from eating them. You need to a lot of research on mushrooms to know what you are doing and be able to identify what is good and what can kill you…. More »

How come mushrooms are not green?

The fungi that produce mushrooms obtain nutrients from organic matter, not by photosynthesis. Because of this, they do not have chlorophyll, which would make them green (like most plants)…. More »

Where does a mushroom come from?

Damp, Cold Places eg. England and Leicstershire… More »

Where did mushrooms come from?

Mushrooms came here from outer-space on a meteor…. More »

Where do mushrooms we buy in the store come from?

Mushrooms are grown all over the world. Button mushrooms (the white or pale brown cap mushrooms that are the most common type of edible mushroom in the west) are grown indoors in damp environments. So they can basically be grown anywhere. Mushroom… More »

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  1. Galaxxii says:

    I wanna know if Magic Mushrooms come out as a Drug in a pee test for drugs or do it come out as something different?

  2. Jeff says:

    offlate saw some mushrooms coming up on the wood in my kitchen. Yes, it is at a location where it is in touch with water and that cannot be avoided. Anyway to prevent this growth?

  3. Subrata says:

    We have tried scraping it off and adding fresh soil but within a couple of days the yellow mold is back. Sometimes there are actual yellow mushrooms coming up! These are plants we’ve had for many years and we don’t know where it has come from suddenly.

  4. Meow says:

    I have lots of mushrooms coming up in my vegetable garden from some organic potting soil that I bought. Will it make the veggies toxic?

  5. Hope Mcatee says:

    I just blew my nose and a mushroom came out. I think it’s from pizza I ate last night. HOW DID IT GET IN MY NOSE?!
    I’m not joking OR trying to gross people out. This seriously happened to me, my coworker saw it.

  6. Night Crawler says:

    i live in michigan and it’s close to mushroom hunting time, but do magic mushrooms come up in the spring like other mushrooms? where do they grow the most? What exactly do they look like so i dont pick poisonous ones?

  7. Missblueeyes says:

    I just saw a couple mushrooms coming up in my lawn and I’m wondering if there is a natural fungicide that can kill mushrooms without damaging the surrounding grass, preferably that isn’t a strong/harsh chemical. Any good suggestions?

  8. Trueblood says:

    i had a tree removed,Now huge mushrooms come up every spring.How can i eliminate them for good?

  9. Sheryl says:

    All cells come from pre-existing cells.
    Which statement supports this part of the cell theory?
    A.Flies come from maggots.
    B.Mushrooms come from dirt.
    C.Cockroaches come from dumpsters.
    D.Mosquitoes come from standing water.

  10. Slorrel says:

    i have hundreds of little mushrooms growing on my lawn, are they harmful to my dog? besides cutting the lawn how can i stop these mushrooms from coming back? is there any sort of weed and feed that’ll do the trick?

  11. Indiana Jones says:

    Which part of the cell theory explains why mushrooms do NOT come from dirt?
    A.Cells are the basic units of life.
    B.All cells come from pre-existing cells.
    C.All organisms are made up of 1 or more cells.

  12. Bonnie says:

    I think it did because I think the bulbous head part became our brains and the stem part became our spinal column. I don’t know which mushrooms we came from though. I think our arms and legs came from somewhere else. Like carrots and celerly.

  13. Cowgirl...<3 says:

    i was just walking around East Prontera woods when all of the sudden a mushroom comes out and kills that girl who starts on your team. What do i do to bring her back to life?

  14. Jenney says:

    I want to know if the mushrooms everyone’s taking come from cow crap or from a kit under some dude’s bed. either way, i might stop taking them.

  15. S Barmen says:

    Also is plastic sprayed on some imported rice to make it look nice and shiny?
    Is it safe to buy food with out reading where it came from and also choosing food imported from 8,000 miles away or 10,000 miles away, where your own government can not inspect the production?

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