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Why do Farts Burn

You may have such questions as Are Farts Flammable and Why Do Farts Burn,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do Some Farts Burn Your Annus. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Fart Sounds to Listen to,too. Read more as following:

Sometimes during the release of flatulance a fart will burn. This burning sensation occurs because farts contain methane and hydrogen both of which are flammable gases.

Are farts flammable?

haha yes. They can be. (My friend decided to light a fart on fire and he lit his entire butt on fire. he had a hairy butt. It was hilarious. Be careful)... More »

Why do farts burn?

because of the methane gas in our farts... More »

Why do some farts burn your annus?

Beacause some of your farts turn out to be sharts so the gigharia comes out of your butt and gets all over the place.... More »

Why do I Fart So Much?

If you want to know why you fart so much, it could be your diet. Certain foods that you eat, will make you extremely gassy. Vegetables like broccoli will cause gas, along with certain dairy products.... More »

What Makes Farts Smell?

Farts get their odor from a gas called hydrogen sulfide and stuff called mercaptans. These both produce sulfur. The more of this that you have in your diet, the worse off the stench will be.... More »

Why does it burn when you fart?

couase farts are hot in bed.... More »


  1. Vanessa Reply:

    I don’t know what I ate tonight to cause this but, I’ve had some nasty smelling gas tonight! My tummy hurts and it burns and smells horrid when ever I fart. Actually my tummy burns right now.
    What can I do to remedy this? Are there any home or holistic remidies ya know, besides medicines?

  2. Gigi Reply:

    Im curious of lighting up a fart bomb but what happens if I do?

  3. Rosella Metzger Reply:

    I have this Portuguese lamb recipe, and it says to cook in the oven for 3 hours at 450F. Everytime I do this, it gets burned. I use little pieces of lamb rather than a whole rack, this is probably why. What can I change to accompany this? I want the end product to almost slide off the bone.

  4. William Reply:

    Wikileaks endangered the troops and the libs didn’t care. In fact they supported it. Now they are for protecting the troops over the burning of the Koran. Isn’t this, to use the liberal PC phrase, disingenuous?

  5. Aadilah Reply:

    These are the loud farts that last at least a second.

  6. Luke Reply:

    I have horrible diarrhea right now. It’s not like the watery kind but I just keep having to go poop. And when I fart my butt burns! I know this may sound nasty but are there any home remedies, I’m so annoyed I can’t even sit down without having to go!

  7. Jaliyah Reply:

    As the legend goes, Billium was walking towards the White House, started flailing, made a fart noise with his mouth, and the White House lit fire. Then he blamed it on the British and the War of 1812 started. I think this is very probable, what do you think?

  8. Marissa Reply:

    In some relationships, the guy openly farts in front of the girl, but the girl would never ever fart in the guy’s presence.

    Shouldn’t these girls be farting in front of their men? By not doing so, aren’t they setting back the women’s rights movement by several decades?

  9. Vξu§ ♀ Reply:

    My office moved, and the chair that comes with the office reeks like a giant fart! How can I get this smell out of the chair? HELP!

  10. Oh Pickles Reply:

    I swallow dry ice two days ago. Now I have burns in my throat. It feels a lot like a bad sore throat. What is a good remedy to make the burns heal faster or hurt less? Also, don’t ask why I swallowed dry ice. I just want answers.

  11. Patty666 Reply:

    Sometimes when I fart it feels normal, but other times my fart feels warm/hot. Why? It bathes my annus and vagina in warmth when this happens. Why?

  12. Konstantinos Reply:

    I am on youtube and I do fart compilations. My username on youtube is schneiderbrosinc btw if u wanted to check out my channel. But i need to fart more to make the videos. Any suggestions how to fart more?

  13. Jose M Reply:

    I want to start lightning my farts but i want to know how to do it without burning my butt or my pants… any suggestions?

  14. Kendall Reply:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I am a vegan with smelly, exceedingly frequent and often burning farts! I often can’t keep them in and half the time they make noise! WHY??? What am I eating or doing and how can I make it stop!

  15. Cassidy Johnson Reply:

    when ever i fart burning diarrhea comes out and i want to know why. this is serious

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