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Why do Fingernails Curve Under

You may have such questions as What Causes Fingernails to Curve under and Why Do Fingernails Curve down,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Disinfect Under Your Fingernails. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Nails That Curve on the Ends,too. Read more as following:

From what I know a fingernail will curve under because of the way the nail bed has formed. You can purchase nails that are curved in the same direction as your nails.

Why do fingernails curve down when growing out?

I believe it's because the keratin that makes up your nails grows at different rates - the top grows slightly faster than that on the bottom causing them to cuve.... More »

How to disinfect under your fingernails?

1. Fill a bowl with warm water. Add 2 tbsp. of liquid dish soap to the bowl. 2. Place your fingertips in the bowl for 5 minutes. Let your fingertips and nails soak. The soapy water loosens the dirt underneath your nails. 3. Remove your fingers from t... More »

How to clean under the fingernails in the elderly?

1. Wash your hands and the elderly person's hands throughly with soap and water. 2. Soak the person's hands in a bowl of warm water for five minutes to soften the cuticles and loosen any dirt underneath the nails. 3. Scrub the tops and underneath of... More »

What causes fingernails to bend under and curl?

her age. the only medications she has ever taken is neurontin , dilantin, and cymbalta (not at the same time)---to ...... More »

Why do fingernails have ridges?

Such signs as ridges in the fingernails, discolorations, and changes in the contours o...... More »


  1. Torn Apart Reply:


  2. Missblueeyes Reply:

    My fingernails are all short, wide and curved downwards and all my fingers have really big joints

  3. Ryan Reply:

    can you post a picture? i am asking because my friend is in a pagent and she needs to wear a formal inter view outfit and she has no ideia what to wear

  4. Charlie Reply:
  5. Aidan Reply:
  6. S Reply:

    My nails are like nubs I hate my nails so much is theirs way to like make them grow fast or anything to help me stop biting them?please help

  7. Devin Reply:

    My finger nails used to be strong long healthy nails. Lately they have become brittle and now they turn under so I have to keep them clipped short. They have deep groves in them also.

  8. Chase Reply:

    i have been biting my nails for a long time and now i decided to stop and let my nails grow out!

  9. Joe Reply:
  10. Sketcher024 Reply:

    how do i get my parakeet on my finger? he expects food and when he doesn’t find it, he lightly nibbles on my fingernail.

  11. Lala Lala Reply:

    And how sharp do they need to be??
    They are my first pair of skates how sharp do they have to be???

  12. Sad Reply:

    My fingernails are SUPER thin and the nails on my index and middle fingers curve under when they grow. I’ve tried every nail hardener I can find, I’ve tried vitamins and calcium tablets. What is going on? My mother and grandmother have thin nails too but theirs don’t curl under like mine do.

  13. Rod Reply:
  14. Larisa.xox Reply:

    I have a friend that is constantly biting her nails, she is ready to quit the habit and wants some suggestions. (I am her go-to gal)

  15. Oluchi Reply:

    Need easy home remedies!!! I have stubby nails and I bite my thumb and it’s skin a lot!!! I beg, please help.

  16. Cat Reply:

    What are the white dots in my fingernails and how do I get rid of them?
    Thank you x

  17. Schmoe. Reply:

    No injuries to fingers. No pain. No curve to fingers. Half of nail is curving under on side only. Thanks for any help!

  18. Cli Reply:

    I read that fingernails turn white because they are no longer attached to the skin. How do they unattach?

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