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Why does Stretching Feel So Good

You may have such questions as Why Do Humans Need to Stretch and Why Do We Stretch When We Wake up,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do People Stretch. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Urge to Stretch,too. Read more as following:

Stretching feels so good because it improves flexibility, muscular balancing, and can increase the flow of blood and nutrients. The more you stretch and perform exercises that improve flexibility, the better you can feel.

Why do humans need to stretch before running and dogs dont?

I beg to differ. My dog always stretches out his back legs after laying down for a while. Source(s): A Golden Doodle... More »

Why do We Stretch When We Wake Up?

We stretch as part of the process of waking up. Our muscles have been still and relaxed and need to slowly wake up along with the rest of us. Cats and dogs do it for the same reasons.... More »

Why do People Stretch?

People usually stretch their muscles to relieve tightness and relax, to warm them before doing a workout. It gets the blood flowing and prepares them for workout.... More »

Why do we stretch when we're tired

Its just like yawning or your stomach growling. Its the human body ... ...MORE...... More »

Why do we stretch in the morning?

Stretching in the morning wakes up your muscles. It loosens up your body while incre...... More »

Why do we involuntarily stretch?

Because of the physical benefits of stretching, an evolutionary impetus to stretch has developed. Stretching is the activity of gradually applying tensile force to lengthen, strengthen, and lubricate muscles, often performed in anticipation of physic... More »


  1. Stephen Reply:

    Can this be felt externally?
    Is it painful?
    Is there any stretch feeling?
    Is there area lumpy, or tender to touch?
    Any other symptoms?
    Is it on the left or right side, and how far down lower abdomen or surrounding areas?

    Thank u

  2. Raprap Reply:

    I can’t feel my womb stretch, feel my baby move and no bump, I’m 6 month pregnant this month am I okay? I’m 21 years old by the way.

  3. Gemi S Reply:

    The stretch feeling is uncomfortable. It’s tight. I get frustrated because it doesn’t get in. They say just do it more often but how long and how often? I’m serious.

  4. Wolf Reply:

    I did the most sit ups I could, took a 2 minute break, and then when I tried to do some more, I got this really weird tickilish/stretching feeling in my stomach. Is this normal? Should I lay off the sit ups for the rest of the day? What’s going on?

  5. Kate-kat Reply:

    I went to lie down in my bed and like everybody else when I got comfortable I stretched my arms and legs and I got to thinking, why does stretching feel so good to your body?

    Always wondered that.

  6. Meow :3 Reply:

    Im 39 weeks pregnant and am feeling this weird stretching feeling in my lower regions. Is this normal? Its like a stabbing pain that lasts for a couple of seconds, feels like its separating inside. Its high up to. What is this? Should I bee worried?

  7. Farrah Reply:

    im a body builder and appendix surgery would loose about 10 lbs of muscle im worried. I feel a stretched feeling near my lower right abb. its nothing normal to me. I dont have insurance either. Could i just have a torn muscle or sometihng?

  8. Tejaswini Reply:

    Or when you feel kinda stiff? Like have you ever been real relaxed and then stretched your arms and your body and feel this amazing sensation? It makes me let out a groan often lol. Why does stretching feel so good sometimes?

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