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why is it important to stay drug free

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When you stay drug free you can expect to have a healthy body and mind. When a person is drug free they tend to have a longer life expectancy than those who do not.

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How to Stay Drug Free?

To be drug free you need to stay away from drugs. You should avoid anyone who does them so you are not pressured. Then you say NO, and you should be able to stay drug free…. More »

Why is it important to stay drug free?

yes it is important to be drug free because drugs cause a wide variety of problems. drugs damage quite a lot of things like health, physicality,and mentally. Wish this helps. :) More »

Why it is important to be drug free?

Why it is important to be drug free?It is important to be drug free because you wont need to go to jail or you wont die and plus you wont be in any gang members even you will be safe too…. More »

Why is it important to be drug free?

The reasons to be drug free varies from person to person. Some people believe all drugs, including prescription, should be avoided while other choose not to do illegal drugs. Staying drug free means you are not reliant on any substance to be yourself… More »

Why is it important to be drug and violence free?

You know what’s best for yourselves…. More »

Why is being drug free important?

it is important to be drug free because…. More »

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  1. Midnightfruit says:

    I’m having the party next year I just wanna know now, I know music tastes will change but other ways. I am gonna try to have it drug free.

  2. Tlb2805 says:

    Today a nurse told my my Blood Pressure was 150 over 89, Just a month ago my blood pressure was 136 over 85. I have spikes of higher blood pressure when I get stressed out. I know it doesn’t just stay high all the time. What should I do to bring down these spikes of above normal pressures?

  3. Charly! says:

    I know it was a stupid decision but its important I pass so please help!!!

  4. Paulina says:

    I play baseball in spring and I really need to pass the drug test or I’m screwed. How long does it take to leave your system and if you know, when do they start testing for a spring sport?

  5. Sawyer Campbell says:

    Also do mouthpieces help with snoring? If so what are the best kind to get but still staying cheap.

  6. United States says:

    If a person is considered the black sheep of the family what can he or she do to be approved. This person wants to leave this social situation but traditions force her to stay. These type of confrontations are leading to depression.

  7. Devin says:

    Ok so I don’t want to wear weave and I don’t have a perm so my hair doesn’t stay straight in the summertime. I want cute hairstyles that I can manage myself wit my shoulder length hair. Any suggestions?

  8. Sally Cat says:

    I have oily skin really only on my nose and upper cheeks. Sometimes on my forehead, but i also have horrible blackheads and i tried st. ives blackhead remover but it didn’t work for me. I’m looking for something i can buy at a drug store and hopefully nothing more than 15 dollars!

  9. Livelovelaughrescue! says:

    i get cramps so bad that i literally stay in bed for a week. are there any birth control pills that reduces cramps that anybody can recommend.

  10. Amy says:

    i am a teenage girl and right now its really important for me to go to bed with a fresh face. and i always seem to take off all my mascara and foundation and eyeshadow. but i never seem to get all my eye liner off.. is there an easier way to take it off?

  11. Lisa R says:

    I’m looking for advice from all the new mothers out there. If you could share one important thing what would it be? I’m reading the books and searching the web, but sometimes it’s better to get advice from someone who has just been through it!

  12. Sketcher024 says:

    Please give me detailed answers of how I can keep illness free and healthy in winter (both physically and mentally) if you can. Thanks.

  13. Curious24 says:


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