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When was Franklin Roosevelt Elected President

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President of the United States from March 4, 1933 -April 12, 1945. He is the only President to serve 3 terms as President.

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How many terms did franklin roosevelt serve?

I couldn’t find that online, sorry! Thanks for Chachin’!… More »

How Did Franklin Roosevelt Die?

Franklin D Roosevelt died while in office of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was the 32nd President of the United States. He is the only president that was elected more then two terms…. More »

When was Franklin Roosevelt elected president?

He was elected in 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944. He died April 12, 1945, not long after beginning his fourth term of office…. More »

How many children did frnklin roosevelt?

5. Anna, Eliot, Franklin Jr., John and James… More »

When was Franklin Roosevelt President?

Franklin Roosevelt known as FDR was the 32nd President of America in 1932. He served as the President for 3 terms. FDR was very optimistic, he realigned Amercian politics…. More »

How many times was Franklin Roosevelt elected president?

Roosevelt was elected 4 times; he died while serving his 4th term!!!!!… More »

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  1. Mamman07 says:

    After being elected president in 1932, some of the worst times of the Great Depression, where did Franklin Roosevelt’s administration dig up the money for imaginative public works and employment projects? Was it borrowed? Higher taxes on yer idle rich? Printed it?

  2. Oscar says:

    I think Franklin D. Roosevelt was the finest President in the 20 th century. Do you agree?

  3. Saphira says:

    I do think he was a good president but why.

  4. Margaret W says:

    Besides the fact that he ran for presidency 4 times and got elected 4 times , what else made his stay in office an “imperial” one ?

    Thanks !

  5. Dorkilious22 says:

    Hillary Clinton has said that she will not run in the 2012 election. Has it ever happened that after being chosen for a cabinet position, the position holder chose to oppose the president in the next election? Has this ever happened in U.S history?

  6. Ms. Bee says:

    the president was F.D.R right? franklin.D.roosevelt what did he do during the great depression? or what did he do to try and stop it?

  7. Stacy says:

    Was it because they were sure his power wouldn’t take over the country?

  8. Dsfsdf says:

    this president crooked politicians and consulted with astrologers. He had two mistresses. He also chained smoked and drank eight to ten martinis a day.

  9. Mikebarr724 says:

    Giuseppe Zangara attempted to kill then president elect, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, while on a speech at Miami, Florida. Why if this act was an aggravated felony against the future president of the USA, was the trial conducted at Miami state court and not at a federal court?

  10. Cfhtama973 says:

    What enabled Freddy Roosevelt to be re-elected for a third presidential term in 1940, and how did this affect the attitude of the United States towards the war in Europe?

  11. Jessielynn Smith says:

    I’m thinking about how did both presidents view the role of government and its response to economic crisis.
    Also, to what extent did the depression transform not only the size and function, but the public’s expectations of federal government.

  12. Lol says:

    What do you think and why? Consider Franklin Roosevelt
    Terrel- do you think a one term limit would be better than two?

  13. Dre says:

    this president was a decorated war hero. He was a vegetarian, didn’t smoke, drank only an occasional beer, and never had any extra-marital affairs.

  14. Breanna says:

    My dad thinks it’s to avoid corruption. He said that even the best of men become corrupt after serving more than 8 years. Can someone point out the section of the constitution that stipulates the maximum amount of time that a president can serve?

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