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Who was the Youngest President to Die

You may have similar questions as Who Was the Youngest President to Die in Office and Who Was the Youngest President to Take Office,or you may also seek several useful information about Who Was the Youngest President When Taking Office. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Youngest President of the United States,too. Read more as following:

The youngest President to die was John F. Kennedy. He was assasinated by a gunshot that came from the gun of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. He was our 35th President.

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Who was the youngest president to die in office?

The youngest president to die in office was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I believe. :) More »

Who was the youngest president to take office?

John F. Kennedy was the youngest president actually voted to office at …… More »

Who was the youngest president when taking office?

Jfk. John F. Kennedy at age 43 was the youngest person to be. elected. U. S. President, but when William McKinley was assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt, age 42., became the youngest person ever to assume the office of the U. S. President…. More »

Who was the youngest president to die?

John F. Kennedy was the youngest president to die when he was assassinated in 1963. He was also the youngest to be elected president…. More »

What president died the youngest?

John F. Kennedy (46)…. More »

Which President was the youngest to die?

jfk i belive fuc i don’t even kno… More »

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  1. Xsara says:

    Youngest president to die at 53

  2. Holly says:

    What occured during his term? Will Obama, if elected, be the youngest president in history?

  3. Sophie Gillies says:

    64 years old is too young to die even in the 1970′s. He could have lived 20 more years.

  4. Dub says:

    the youngest U.S. president. I know Reagan was the oldest at 77, but who was the youngest?

  5. Omg Dogs Rock says:

    I know Andrew Jackson greatly influenced the power of the Presidency. What other Presidents have expanded powers in the 19th and 20th century? What and how did they do it?

  6. Funny says:

    There was a President that married a second time (after his first wife died) and that woman was younger than his grandchildren. What president was that?

  7. Kaylynn_cullen says:

    and womanizer and died young from an assassins bullet? Because I see nothing that he did that was great as a president? Didn’t he get us heavily involved in Vietnam?

    I see Nixon as a greater leader for actually getting us out of the Vietnam war.


  8. Mrs. Bieber says:

    When was he born and for how long did he serve as president?

  9. Charlotte says:

    The English professor that I have gave out an extra credit assignment. He said to research who was really the first president of the United States. He said that it isn’t George Washington.

  10. Abby says:

    I am reminded of a young 20 year old Muslim american who just died protecting our freedom in Iraq.
    What is a Muslim american child says they want to be President some day? Is it possible?

  11. Theredspot says:

    The remaining hand was so damaged it had to be amputated.
    After several months in the hospital he died.
    Bush is going to his daughters wedding. His mother is going to his funeral.
    How does this make you feel?

  12. Zachary Fore says:

    Would the President of Italy, as successor to the Roman Empire, be the person to issue a pardon?

  13. Natalie Petrella says:

    What was his name? when was he born ?when did he die? Did he have kids? Was he married? Would did he do for the United States? Please give me a mini biography of him.

  14. Andrea says:

    The questions itself is, “what is Hamlet’s thematic significance?” I believe this simply means how does he contribute to a theme; however, i can’t think of one that really fits. Maybe suicide? Inability to act?

    So, how does young Hamlet contribute to a theme?? Thanks in advance!

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