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Why was Mussolini So Bad

You may have similar questions as How Did Mussolini Come to Power and How Many People Did Mussolini Kill,or you may also seek several useful information about How Did Mussolini Die. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Benito Mussolini His Timeline of Events,too. Read more as following:

Benito Mussolini was considered by many to be a bad man due to his support for Adolf Hitler during World War II. He was also a dictator that brought a great deal of division and persecution to Europe in this same period.

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How did Mussolini come to power?

Mussolini_coming_to_power. ">. Mussolini coming to power. He gained support from the King of Italy and many landowners/factory owners & upper class people by using his blackshirt militias to put an end to socialist strikes. This, combined with… More »

How many people did mussolini kill?

300,000… More »

How did Mussolini died?

When Mussolini and his wife, and some political leaders was trying to flee from Italy, some Italian farmers shot and killed Mussolini and the political leaders. After they where murdered the Italians thought of a plan to humiliate them, which was by… More »

How did mussolini come to power in italy?

Italian fascism, led by Benito Mussolini, came into power in Italy through i…… More »

Why is Benito Mussolini so bad?

Because he was an italian dictator who treated his country and citizens very badly. When he was killed, he was shot and then stoned…. More »

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  1. Jun says:

    What do you guys think made Stalin a good dictator and Mussolini a bad one?

    Obviously they were both bad dictators, but as far as being a “good” dictator, what made them more powerful, controlling, ect?

  2. Ladylynn says:

    We also tend to make jokes about hitler and know more about him. I don’t get it, Mussolini was just as bad and Stalin was worse! Why do we know most about hitler

  3. Sky Sixx says:

    I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting Hitler and Mussolini concerning expanding their countries. I have all other parts of the essay organized, but I don’t understand what expansionist policies mean? Can someone please help me with this? This essay is due Tuesday.

  4. Pranab says:

    I already have Hitler and Mussolini. Are there any others?

  5. Hay Lolz says:

    Happened with Mussolini and Hitler, both who took advantage of of society when they were down on their knees and looking for any solution to the economic problem, even if it came in the form of Fascism.

    Could it happen in America?

  6. Michael F says:

    What was the italian government like before Mussolini took control?

  7. Kylaaaa says:

    He was a human and at times very popular in Germany. Italians say at least Mussolini got the trains running on time, are there any positive non-racist spins on Hitler’s reign?

  8. Ericca Kirao says:

    Aleksandr Lukashenka is the dictator of Belarus, but what has he done that is so wrong? Is he comparable to Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, or Emperor Hirohito at all?

  9. Kyle says:

    It is too bad you can’t join us and will fight against us on the side of the Banksters and the Police.

    Oh well. Go ahead and fight for them. They might put a little something extra in your envelope on Christmas.

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