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Are STDs and HIV transmitted through saliva?

Yes, you can get HIV if any body fluid is visibly contaminated with blood, the risk of transmission exists, including saliva! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Raeann Reply:

    Some STDs are passed through sexual contact through genital secretions, Although they can be carried through bodily secretions, such as semen, mucus or saliva, Some diseases cannot be cured, such as HIV, genital warts and genital Detail:

  2. Alexander Reply:

    Mar 25, 2010 It is less common for HIV to be transmitted through oral sex or for an . to help protect both you and your partner from HIV and other STDs.

  3. Lavette Reply:

    STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. If you are practicing abstinence you are not having sex so you can’t get a STD. More:

  4. Timika Reply:

    It would be very rare to transmit gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis. Likely the only STD that might transmit by saliva is herpes More:

  5. Rosio Reply:

    There is not enough of the virus present in those body fluids to cause transmission of the virus. More:

  6. Chaya Reply:

    Can Hiv be transmitted through saliva, can you still get it? I just want to know open cut in his/her mouth and perhaps you share if a person has an a spoon with the person. Ev

  7. Marica Reply:

    It is highly unlikely that you would become infected with HIV during kissing, given that there is no evidence that anyone has ever been infected this way! The saliva of HIV infected people does not cause infection in others!Getting an STD from kissing is not all that common! Certain sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through kissing if the STD can manifest itself orally and/or in oral fluids! Herpes can manifest orally–more commonly identified as cold sores–and be transmitted to another person, most likely when there are active sores! Hepatitis B virus is found in semen, saliva, blood and mucous, so it is possible to transmit HBV through kissing (unless youve been vaccinated against Hepatitis B)! Other STDs that are less likely to be transmitted through kissing are HPV (warts) and syphilis!Search for your nearest STD Testing Center in your area!

  8. Angelique Reply:

    Can I get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from kissing? that you and your partner are tested for STDs, including HIV before initiating sexual intercourse.

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