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Can mono and HIV have the same symptoms?

The classical symptoms of mononucleosis are a sore throat, fever, fatigue, weight loss, malaise, pharyngeal inflammation, petechiae and loss of appetite! AIDS has some similar symptoms but not all! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gwendolyn Reply:

    HIV and mono are both viruses that present with similar symptoms in the early Those who do not have access to HIV-fighting anti-retroviral medications will Detail:

  2. Irmgard Reply:

    Early HIV symptoms, (one to four weeks) can mimic that of mononucleosis-like they may have psychological symptoms of depression and anxiety about the

  3. Reena Reply:

    Many people have no symptoms when they first become infected with HIV. But some people get a flu-like illness within a month or two after being exposed to the virus. The flu-like symptoms – fever, headache, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes (imm… More:

  4. Nada Reply:

    The meds they give you to treat your HIV actually is AIDS, it causes AIDS like symptoms by destroying your immune system, some scientists believe HIV is harmless, and that the culprit behind AIDS is AZT or other drugs used to treat HIV, HIV… More:

  5. Lasandra Reply:

    Most people have NO symptoms of HIV for several years, although some people may have flu-like symptoms within a few months of the time they got infected. **The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. More than 98% of people will … More:

  6. Takisha Reply:

    MY SYMPTOMS. HELP! what is happening? mono, hiv? I have had swollen Lymph nodes since August 16th (i remember cause it started on my birthday) they are near my genitals.. abou

  7. Helena Reply:

    You could have strep throat! You need to go to the doctor! Untreated strep throat can lead to complications!

  8. Rosaura Reply:

    Acute HIV infection can mimic signs similar to those of infectious mononucleosis, and tests should be performed for pregnant women for the same reason as

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