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Can you get aids from drinking the blood of an infected person who has it?

Yes! If you drink the blood of a person who is infected with HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases (whether they are showing symptoms or not), you would indeed be at a significant risk for these diseases! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Evonne Reply:

    In any case, you cannot get the virus from giving blood in most countries of the world. that kissing may transmit the virus if the uninfected person has a cut in his mouth. You cannot get the disease from public toilet seats, drinking fountains, You can help yourself to food from a serving dish used by an infected person or Detail:

  2. Caroll Reply:

    Can you get aids from drinking after and infected person? about 4 or 5 years ago i drank after my gay uncle who has aids an i never knew he Being something like, his blood being on the drink, and you having an open wound in your mouth.

  3. Pauletta Reply:

    if u have an open cut and you touch someone’s blood and it gets in ur cut…infection More:

  4. Melina Reply:

    Hepatitis B Hepatitis C HIV HTLV-1 CMV HGV Malaria Babesiosis Leishmaniasis Lyme Disease Chagas Disease – Chagas’ Disease TTV Creutzfeldt-Jakob CJD KS and HHV-8 Toxoplasmosis Cryoglobulinemia Bacterial Contamination of Blood Products http:/… More:

  5. Minta Reply:

    First it depends on the risk of exposure, that is if you have some kind of bruise or wound, where the blood has touched you stand a high chance of contracting HIV, but if you have no wound or skin damage the chances of acquiring the virus a… More:

  6. Nena Reply:

    can someone give me hard facts mix two types of blood that this is not possible so sure that the HIV because my idiot friend is virus is created when you together even if they

  7. Kalyn Reply:

    Its really long, and I dont have that kind of attention span! It needs to be shorter to make the point! Good info, but poorly presented!

  8. Germaine Reply:

    Can you get aids from drinking after an infected person? Unless they have a cut and blood got in the drink you will get it but it is unlikely but you still shouldn't

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