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Do people with hiv bruise easily?

Bruising is not a symptom of HIV however persistent skin rashes or flaky skin is, if there is a concern consider testing! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alexandra Reply:

    Many people who have HIV do not know that they are infected; for this loss, bruising easily, frequent diarrhea, frequent dry cough, purplish growth on the skin , Detail:

  2. Ji Reply:

    Although I myself do not suffer from HIV or AIDS, i found this There are multiple reasons why a person could bruise easily, and then It’s very important to remember that every symptom seen in persons with HIV/AIDS can

  3. Henrietta Reply:

    Some people bruise easily because they do not get the right amount of Vitamin C. Taking in more vitamin c can help strengthen the capillary walls and tissue. More:

  4. Lavona Reply:

    A person can bruise easily if they have thin skin or some medications also cause bruising to occur. A person on blood thinner medication such as coumadin will notice a difference. More:

  5. Jennefer Reply:

    Bruising is mostly caused by blunt injury to the skin. The wounded area fills with blood under the skin which causes the dark bruise to occur. To find more information click here:… More:

  6. Leonia Reply:

    I was just wondering why someone easily and he is picky eats.  What could be the problem at times of what he would bruise easily.  Someone I care about bruises?

  7. Madge Reply:

    a needle stick is something he would have felt, believe me, even the tiniest needle, especially on the inner thigh would be felt, it would hurt! So I very much doubt that people are going around doing such a thing! I suspect the doctor is right, something, perhaps a spider bit him in his sleep! If he is so worried and obsessed about the possibility of HIV, then he needs to wait about a month and simply be tested for the presence of HIV!

  8. Cecilia Reply:

    It's a shock to some people's bodies and can trigger peri menopause to Thinning skin (can bruise easier) Is thrush a possible early symptom of HIV? No.

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