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Does the aids virus die when it is exposed to air?

Anyh amount of HIV virus in open air reduces by 99% in a couple of hours! No one is exactly sure of the exact time! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Stefania Reply:

    Does AIDS Die When Exposed to the Air? Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). AIDS is Detail:

  2. Tomeka Reply:

    Does the aids virus die once it is airborne? Obviously it can be transmitted via the exchnage of bodily fluids but, if the infected persons fluids are exposed to air

  3. Meagan Reply:

    HIV can’t live outside a body for more than a few minutes, nor can it be killed by soap nor is it easily transmissible. More:

  4. Darleen Reply:

    Average Time In Air According to the John Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education , HIV lives for an average of 30 seconds to one minute once it is exposed to air. Concentration and Conditions Although HIV is inactivated quickly… More:

  5. Latrina Reply:

    HIV does not take very long to die outside of the body. It dries up or is sprayed with a disinfectant. Ask away! More:

  6. Claudine Reply:

    Probably touched rust or dried blood recently so just asking???

  7. Larhonda Reply:

    The HIV virus cannot live outside of the human body! HIV is the virus that causes aids! So to answer your question, I do not know about any other viruses, but you will not contract HIV from accidentally touching dry blood! If its dry that means its been exposed to air for a long while!

  8. Tempie Reply:

    Im pretty sure that the virus still a virus even if its exposed to the air,if it would die then u wouldn't get infected when a drop of body fluid comes in contact with an

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