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How do you die from aids?

AIDS is the final stage of the HIV virus! Patients’ immune systems shut down and they actually die from illnesses like pneumonia! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leia Reply:

    Since the immune system is compromised during this disorder, many of those that die from AIDS, will die from an opportunistic infection and not the disease itself Detail:

  2. Florencia Reply:

    People who have AIDS usually die from being unable to fight off an illness because their immune system isn’t strong enough. Some get forms of lymphoma or other cancers, pneumonia, tuberculosis and meningitis. 3 million die each year from AI

  3. Sharan Reply:

    There is no way of knowing the exact number of people who die of aids a year, there are millions all over the world that die from aids, although there is no cure as of now, there are treatments available that can help with your symptoms. More:

  4. Delinda Reply:

    Approximately 3 million people die each year of Aids. This is a very serious disease which can be prevented. Please practice safe sex and get tested as often as possible. More:

  5. Lasonya Reply:

    Unfortunatly there is no way of knowing how many people die of aids a year in the world, there are millions of people a year that die of aids because they never get treatment. More:

  6. Leonora Reply:

    Why do you fear to die sitting in their couch or with cancer or aids in can die now by just couple of years where you sitting in your c? Anyone can die by just sleeping or wal

  7. Charise Reply:

    In a nut shell, aids destroys a persons immune system! You do not actually die from aids, but die from any disease that infects you once the immune system is down!Children get it from their mother, not all do, but a most get it because when they are in their womb! The placenta connects mother to the child and this is the reason doctors believe the virus travels from the infected mum to the baby!

  8. Dale Reply:

    No in fact nobody dies from aids directly. AIDS weakens the immune system so that other diseases particularly pneumonia can kill the infected person.

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