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How long can the HIV virus survive without a host?

Essentially as soon as the fluid containing the HIV is dried, it can not be transmitted! Thanks for doing the ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Christa Reply:

    How Long Does the AIDS Virus Live on a Surface?. AIDS stands for Viruses are delicate and without a host, they will quickly die. HIV can only last for a few Detail:

  2. Cherlyn Reply:

    Viruses can not live without a host to infect. That is why some viral diseases How long can the virus survive in the air? This will depend heavily on the virus you

  3. Georgette Reply:

    Answer 20 minutes on a table top More:

  4. Freida Reply:

    any virus needs a source of energyl to thrive and dies withing munits in abscense of such source. dirty hands-to-food, sharing the flatware is enough. More:

  5. Ricki Reply:

    The HIV virus dies when exposed to the air, so dried blood and dried semen are perfectly safe. More:

  6. Ladawn Reply:

    How long can the HIV virus from a forwarded e-mail: a 10-year old boy diagnosed with HIV survive outside the host? I came accross a news positive. But his entire family were n

  7. Livia Reply:

    HIV does not survive for very long outside the body! You can not get HIV from a needle that does not have HIV infected blood on it!

  8. Hattie Reply:

    HIV, unlike most viruses has to be within a host or culture at a temperature of 98.6 virus dies within minutes without the temperature necessary for its survival.

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