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How long does it take to die from HIV?

Without treatment it takes about 10 years on average for an HIV+ person to develop full-blown AIDS from the time of infection! Once a person has symptoms of AIDS the majority of patients die within 2 years! However, with treatment people can live many years longer but they do not know yet know how long because potent drug treatment regimens are relatively new! Any Suggestions here?


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    Viruses are delicate and without a host, they will quickly die. HIV can only last for a few How Long Does it Take for HIV Symptoms to Occur? There are possibly Detail:

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    Sep 9, 2009 How long will you live with HIV? It depends on who you are. Research suggests that HIVers die sooner if, for instance, they use injection drugs;

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    HIV acquires into AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). AIDS itself is not what kills someone who was infected with HIV, the AIDS infected person develops a disease that people with AIDS get, a disease that a person with a strong immun… More:

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    Eazy-e was one of the ones i know died of HIV More:

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    Amanda Blake (1929-1989) American actress best remembered for her role as Kitty Russell in the television series Gunsmoke . Anthony Perkins (1932-1992) American actor best known for his role as Norman Bates in the Alfred Hitchcock film Psyc… More:

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    if someone gets hiv aids w survive from it if you/e can they survive or do they have to live? is there any cure for they die how long would aids and how do you get it for both

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    I think this version of a patient will help you!!Health Education AIDS Liaison, TorontoLife after HIVThe following stories are from the recently published book by Christine Maggiore What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS WAS WRONG?? You may obtain this book from: The American Foundation for AIDS Alternatives 11684 Ventura Boulevard Studio City, CA 91604 (877)92-ALIVE Email: AFAAaliveandwell!org ——————————————————————————– In 1985, at the age of 25, having heard so much about the AIDS epidemic, I decided to take the test! I tested positive! I went for a second opinion and again the result was positive! Since I had heard and read that the virus could be dormant for a long time, I opted to eat well, exercise, take high quality vitamins and limit risky sex! However, my gut feeling was that something wasnt adding up with AIDS, and I almost immediately chose not to accept the virus as a detriment to my health! Throughout the years Ive lived my life almost as if AIDS didnt exist but still gathered information from various sources! I seldom take prescription drugs and never get flu shots! I seldom see a general practitioner and see a homeopath for little things that come up once in a while! Ive had shingles three times due to job stress but bounce back quite rapidly I dont even take aspirin since I almost never get headaches! To this day, I have never been hospitalized and have not taken any of the drugs that are supposed to control or eradicate HIV Cirito Juarez, Los Angeles, CA After using heroin for four years, I went for an extended stay in Mexico to deal with my addiction! After successfully giving up heroin, I came home! Later, in 1987, 1 tested HIV positive! At the time, my T cell count was 400 and my doctor was very pessimistic about the future! Instead of giving up, I decided to make a longtime dream of going hiking in the Himalayas come true! It was 1988! When I returned from Nepal, my T cell count was 1220 and my doctor was completely baffled! I began to explore homeopathy After a period of good health, in 1990, 1 began to feel very tired! My doctor insisted, in spite of my high T cell count, that it was because of HIV I changed my diet to organic foods even though throughout all of this, I was repeatedly pressured to go on AZT! Finally, I was diagnosed with hepatitis B! I stopped drinking alcohol and, in 199 1, went to India and began a curative diet of fruits and coconut milk! After regaining my strength and returning home at the end of summer, I discovered that I was pregnant! Again, I was pressured to take AZT! I was also pressured to abort! I refused! My baby was born HIV positive and following the birth, my T cell count was very low and I was exhausted! Although I was continually pressured to expose my baby to numerous tests and to give him AZT, I declined! One year later, I consented to having my baby tested a second time! He tested HIV negative! Although I have had other health challenges since, I treat each problem individually and live a full life in France with my son and husband! It has been 13 years since I tested HIV positive! Sylvie Cousseau, Paris, FranceI tested positive in 1990, and nine years later I am healthy and medication‑free! When I was first told I was positive I went through the standard terror with my life flashing before my eyes! I followed my doctors orders for treatment with AZT and soon after I became ill! I had flu‑like symptoms day and night! It got to the point where Id come home from work and just collapse on the couch! When I told my doctor how I felt he said Well, what do you expect, youre HIV positive!??After a year of feeling sick, I listened to my inner voice and quit AZT! Except for a brief foray into ddl, Ive been off meds ever since! I have three recommendations for anyone who tests p osffive‑edu cation, education, education about all aspects and points of view on HIV and AIDS! And remember, people do get sick sometimes, so if it happens, be realistic and dont freak out! Dont automatically assume its related to HIV My doctor now classifies me as a long‑term non‑progressor! Erik Dahlgren, Los Angeles, CAI remember the day I received my positive result like it was yesterday I figured Id test positive since Id had unprotected sex with a couple of guys I later learned had died from AIDS! I really thought that I was prepared to hear the result! Nothing could have been further from the truth! I sobbed uncontrollably all the way home! I felt like I had become a character in some sci‑fi movie with an alien thing growing inside me that would come bursting out of my chest as I died a horrific death! A part of me did die that day, the part that dreamed and looked towards the future! Denial lasted for over a year! I wasnt ready to start thinking about dying so I just ignored the whole thing! It wasnt until I started dating someone else who was positive that I started thinking about trying to fight this thing inside me! My new love was a nurse who worked for a doctor who specialized in AIDS treatment! When I began a newjob that provided medical benefits I started seeing this doctor and after a confirmatory antibody test I was put on regimen AZT and Zovirax! I tried to be a good little pill popper for a while but I grew weary of the little beeping pill box and soon I was missing my meds half the time! The doctors reduced the dosage about a year later and then I became even more irregular with my meds! About two years later, I tested positive a third time and AZT and Zovirax were prescribed again even though my T cells were still a healthy 600 plus! Given that I knew I wasnt taking my meds regularly I began to wonder if I was really sick since my T cells remained so stable with or without the drugs! For the next three years I took all my pills in the morning if I remembered and would go six months or more without them if I ran out! Id worry that my next blood test would show that my T cells were dropping but this was never the case! I know now that a part of my lack of discipline came from the fact that I had already given up on the rest of my life! Looking forward was just too painful! Planning for the future seemed pointless! I never really made a conscious decision to stop taking the meds! I just never went back to get more pills the last time they ran out!A little over a year ago, an acquaintance introduced me to Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter Duesberg! I went out and bought the book and read it cover to cover in a single sitting! As the sun rose that morning, I sobbed for hours! Then I became angry Since then I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about the controversy surrounding the HIV=AIDS=Death hypothesis!Today, I am actually able to look towards my future with hope! The nagging fear is hard to shake off, especially when youre married to a healthcare worker who still finds it hard to believe all those doctors and scientists could be wrong! Everyday I seem farther from the fear and more excited about the possibilities of growing old‑ 12 years ago I didnt think I would make it to 40! Michael Davis, Topanga, CAI am 28 years old and approaching a healthy 29, an age a doctor once told me I would never reach! When I was 20, 1 moved from Australia to Japan where 1 spent a year as an entertainer singing on a cruise ship and in various bars and restaurants in Osaka! Toward the end of my stay, me and my partner Ruichi and a group of friends visited the historic city of Kyoto! While we were there, we all went to an HIV testing clinic! I had been having frequent unprotected sex with Ruichi for about three months, and prior to that I had unprotected sex with one of the other guys getting tested, so it seemed that I should join them and take the test! At the time, my primary source of HIV and AIDS information, like the majority of the general public, was the media! I remember one TV commercial that aired in Australia that portrayed AIDS as the Grim Reaper in a bowling alley He used his deadly balls to knock out men, women and children who appeared as helpless bowling pins!Our test results arrived by mail two weeks later, all in the same envelope, and we opened it together! The results were in Japanese so Ruichi read them out loud going down the list one by one! Riuchi: negative, he looked at me and smiled! David: negative, Renee: negative, Dean!!! and he paused, eyes wide! My heart skipped a beat as I waited for him to continue: Dean: positive! My first reaction was disbelief! I was healthy and so was everyone I had ever slept with! I figured I was going to die, and knowing so little about AIDS, I figured I had three to six months left before I would be bowled over! I was so ashamed! I called all my past sex partners advising them to be tested! All of them were negative! I went into a phase of denial! I convinced myself that my test result was wrong! I waited three months and then tested again in Australia! The sympathy I received at the testing clinic was not encouraging! The most optimistic doctor gave me 10 years to live but noted that at least two of those years would include devastating disease! This beat my own prognosis of six months, but did not give me much to look forward to! After a few months of soul searching, the existence of the mind-body connection occurred to me! I quickly discovered I was not the only one to recognize that disease was more than a random physical mishap! Since then, and for more than seven years, I have read everything I can find on alternative medicine, science, self-help and spirituality Ive also tried many alternative therapies and techniques for improving the mind and the body I have never taken any medication, but have instead focused on maintaining health! Ive learned to keep an open mind to new ideas, and not to believe everything experts have to say I no longer believe that HIV causes AIDS, and this belief is not denial! I experienced denial when I suppressed my fears of dying! My belief may not be proved by government-funded AIDS research, but the government has done little that would suggest it cares about the well-being of humanity above all else! Avoiding death is not my number one priority-living is! What I find hardest is living with the stigma of HIV Im young, healthy, intelligent and very well-educated on HIV and AIDS, yet I am isolated by the fear and ignorance surrounding a condition I dont even believe in! Being a leader rather than a follower can be lonely and difficult! Maintaining a stance against the majority of the human population is a trying task! I dont have the time to educate everyone, even if they were interested, and when I do tell others about what I know, they are so convinced that HIV=AIDS=Death that they think Im doomed and that my optimism is merely fear or hope or both! I do have hope, I hope that people will look deeper and listen more! That they will demand to be treated as precious beings more important than politics, money, and abstract theory It takes people like us to be the first and the most determined! Life goes on, chose to be a part of it! Dean W, Los Angeles, CAWhen I tested HIV positive 16 years ago, the road map for how to die with this condition seemed clear! Creating my own path has been challenging and rewarding! HIV has been a catalyst for personal growth, an inspiration to make changes I needed to make anyway My life is richer as a result! Although I deal with fear all the time, I never really internalized the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma! I instinctively believed that HIV was a cofactor and that I could manage my health successfully without drug therapies! I pursue an aggressive health management program that includes nutrition and supplementation, exercise and appropriate rest! I use Western, naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine on an as‑needed basis!While I tend to my body with attention and dedication, I know that all healing is ultimately healing of the spirit! For this reason, I am devoted to my spiritual practice! I choose to put my faith in the power of God to heal me rather than in the power of a virus to destroy me! Duncan MacLachlan, Toronto, Canada

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    There is no reliable way of telling how long it will take for an individual's HIV everyone who is HIV-positive will eventually develop AIDS and will die within five

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