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How long does the HIV rash last?

The HIV rash lasts for a few days to about 2 weeks! It is absent during the long asymptomatic phase of the illness! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Brandee Reply:

    How Long Does It Take Before HIV Symptoms Appear?. HIV-disease has four stages. The first stage and last two are symptomatic, while the second and longest, lymph nodes, diarrhea, nausea and lack of appetite, and skin rash ( see links in Detail:

  2. Brandee Reply:

    Dec 20, 2007 Acute HIV? Would you have the rash at the same time you would be experiencing fever, or could it come at 2 different times? How long would

  3. Dan Reply:

    An HIV rash known as maculopapular rash is typically slightly raised, small and dark in color. The skin could look flaky with pimples and blisters. More:

  4. Khalilah Reply:

    Hives can be anywhere on your body and are red, raised spots on your skin. They are very itchy and can be any size. Hives are usually from an allergy to something so the only plan is to find what the allergy is from and treat that so the hi… More:

  5. Willodean Reply:

    The HIV rash is often seen as being dark and red in color. They can form on the limbs and along the chest and back of the infected person. You can find more information here: http://www.understanding-medical-conditi… More:

  6. Venus Reply:

    I have come across that HIV HIV symptons.Is it true? How do we know that rash is the most evident a rash to be an HIV rash?

  7. Ray Reply:

    an irritating rash all over body including little red spots that are sometimes hard! These go away and come back again at different times!Although a rash is common with primary HIV infection it is not specificfor HIV! Primary HIV infection is associated with high virus replicationand an associated strong antiviral response by the bodys defenses!Generally one would expect this and associated phenomena (such as rash,fever) to occur within the first 6 weeks post infection, but thatdoesnt mean that exceptions do not occur, that could either shorten orextend this period! In any case for such a rash to persist is uncommonin association with an acute infection, where one would expect it tocome and go!

  8. Kira Reply:

    How long does HIV AIDS last in a body? Forever. Currently, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS. How long does a skin rash usually last? for two days. How long does

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