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Is your white blood cell count be high if you have HIV?

No! In fact with HIV, the white blood cell counts tend to be lower rather than higher! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Zola Reply:

    Normal blood test results have a similar informative value. But a person may have an elevated immunoglobulin level for other reasons. If a patient is found to have a dangerously low white blood cell count his normal schedule Blood tests are common for individuals who have HIV as they are one of the main methods Detail:

  2. Arletha Reply:

    Sep 14, 2011 If the level of your red blood cells is too low, you have anemia. High white blood cell counts may indicate that you are fighting an infection.

  3. Travis Reply:

    White blood cells are found throughout the bloodstream and lymphatic system, and they are part of the body’s immune system. Your white blood cell count can be elevated when there is an infection in your body. You can find more information h… More:

  4. Xochitl Reply:

    Usually the cause of high white blood cell count is some type of infection in your body. The white blood cells are considered disease fighting cells and try to fend off any infection that you might have. More:

  5. Zelma Reply:

    More than 10,500 leukocytes per micrometer of blood would be a high white blood cell count. High white blood cell counts can be a symptom of an infection or other serious disease. More:

  6. Lyda Reply:

    I have a high white blood cell count, increasing a lot, can this be HIV? leukemia? Also protein levels high?

  7. Sau Reply:

    Standard white blood cell counts wouldnt necessarily show any indication of HIV infection!In some people with HIV (whether they have any symptoms or not) may have a condition known as thrombocytopenia — a low platelet count! If a Complete Blood Cell Count is performed, it will show the platelet countIf in a standard CBC test– if thrombocytopenia is found—HIV infection should be ruled out as a cause!Other than that, there would be no indicator of HIV infection!The ONLY way to know is to actually test for HIV!

  8. Flor Reply:

    Which is better low white blood count or high white blood count if you have What does it mean when you have a high white blood cell count when pregnant?

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