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What are all the std’s that can kill you?

Will Katy Perry Win a Grammy?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Adam Reply:

    X-rays that are administered for diagnostic reasons will not kill you, but high doses of harmful x-rays emitted by some Can You Get an STD From a Toilet Seat? Detail:

  2. Karlene Reply:

    Many other STD’s can lead to death if left untreated. Hepatitus C is If they are not treated, syphilis and gonorrhea can kill you. . All About Online Trading

  3. Edra Reply:

    All STDs have the potential to be deadly. More:'s_can_kill_you

  4. Georgeann Reply:

    If you have been playing the online video game RuneScape, you may have encountered some dragons. There are actually four different types of dragons in RuneScape. They are green dragons, blue dragons, red dragons and black dragons. All but t… More:

  5. Dawn Reply:

    We may never know the answer to the question, how many people did Hitler kill in all. Historians have concluded that at least 6,000,000 European Jews were killed under Hitler, along with 3,000,000 others. These others included dissident Ger… More:

  6. Autumn Reply:

    Say you makeout with someone that u dont know is clean after like right after does or not (meaning clean of STDS) and u rinse with listerene that kill there std germs if they

  7. Delora Reply:

    HeyaWell im sorry right !!! but im 17 and was ttc for 3 months with my long term boyfriend! I hate the way people say teens! Older teens can have a child if they want, If it is legal at 16 yo have sex then why is everyone so shocked that 16yo get pregnant!Ill do the survey and show you that not all teens are clueless!Yes i am ready! My b/f has his own flat car and is on a well paid salary! We are both emotionally stable and we have thoroughly thought through becoming parents!yes we can my b/f is on £350 a week! He has his own flat (un morgaged as it was passed down by his dad) and his own car!My first and only option would be keep it! I had a pregnancy scare when i was just turned 16 and even then i said that if i was i would keep the baby!Condoms , The shot , The pill , Nuva ring , Implant , Diaphram!Obvisouly the vaginal hole! Im not simple!Yes i hav finished school last year with 9 a* – c if i may add! My b/f wanted to try when i was 16 and still in school but i made him wait!Herpes , Hiv/aids , Gonnerea , Chlamidia , Genital warts!Yes they can! Hiv/aids is a massive killer in 3rd world countrys and people over here die of it too!Not all teens sleep around , are ignorant about sex and contreceptives and go around having multiple abortions! 16+ are legal and can have children if and when they want! Age is merely a number! If someone is ready then who are you to say they cant ??

  8. James Reply:

    Many other STD's can lead to death if left untreated. Hepatitus C is If they are not treated, syphilis and gonorrhea can kill you. . All About Online Trading

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