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What does HIV look like in your mouth?

A rash is a sign of HIV! However, there’s no symptoms that are specific to the mouth area! You may remain symptom-free for years! But as the virus continues to multiply and destroy immune cells, you may develop mild infections or chronic symptoms! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Emmie Reply:

    If you develop mouth fungus, you will notice that your tongue and cheeks appear to these lesions, which often look like cottage cheese, can form on your throat, These include diabetes (if it is not under control), cancer, HIV and dry mouth. Detail:

  2. Afton Reply:

    Sep 29, 2010 Thrush and HIV What Healthy Gums Look Like. Healthy gums Check Your Mouth Find out what you do right, and what you do wrong.

  3. Sparkle Reply:

    An HIV rash known as maculopapular rash is typically slightly raised, small and dark in color. The skin could look flaky with pimples and blisters. More:

  4. Shaneka Reply:

    Hives can be anywhere on your body and are red, raised spots on your skin. They are very itchy and can be any size. Hives are usually from an allergy to something so the only plan is to find what the allergy is from and treat that so the hi… More:

  5. Starla Reply:

    Someone that is infected with HIV doesn’t look any differently than most people, until the HIV becomes aids and they get sick and pass away. More:

  6. Racheal Reply:

    can you get hiv by giving hiv. no cum or precum. no open sores or cuts in my mouth. help please? By giving oral*

  7. Cherilyn Reply:

    Most blemishes dont show up until your conditions worsen! You can have a whole bunch of complications that makes your symptoms show up, but you cant really rely on that! HIV/AIDS, breaks down the immune system, so if you get sick and it takes a long time to go away that one sign, but like i said, there can be a number of things that causes this! When you have HIV/AIDS, youre more suseptible to infections and sicknesses! Hope this helps, but you could always google it!

  8. Willow Reply:

    It is commonly associated with advanced HIV infection, but I believe you can contract Thrush without being This should help cleap up your oral thrush. The most common test looks for the anti-bodies produced in response to the infection.

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