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What does the rash for Hiv/Aids look like?

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  1. Annette Reply:

    What do AIDS Lesions Look Like? AIDS sufferers are at increased risk for herpes virus lesions, which cause cold sores, Does HIV Cause Skin Problems? Detail:

  2. Laverne Reply:

    ITS a swelled up pudgy,hairy and itchy dasease. AIDS

  3. Cleora Reply:

    An HIV-related rash can occur as a side-effect of ant-HIV medications, or it can be a symptom of the virus itself. As a symptom, the rash might look like slightly raised blotches of discoloration on the skin. You can find more information h… More:

  4. Leeanna Reply:

    Hives can be anywhere on your body and are red, raised spots on your skin. They are very itchy and can be any size. Hives are usually from an allergy to something so the only plan is to find what the allergy is from and treat that so the hi… More:

  5. Aracely Reply:

    An HIV rash known as maculopapular rash is typically slightly raised, small and dark in color. The skin could look flaky with pimples and blisters. More:

  6. Mary Reply:

    HIV/AIDs rash? Please help? On sunday (Today is Tuesday) I was taken advantage of by my sisters (now ex) boyfriend. Now I have a small rash on my tummy, of a bunch of little r

  7. Randi Reply:

    Theres always a chance of contracting AIDs or HIV with any sexual encounter! The way they said it in school is that for every person you sleep with it just multiplies from how many people they slept with and how many people those people slept with etc! Im not judging based on your history and you shouldnt feel guilty about it either because most people nowadays have a past that involves being with others! From what the doctors have told me, AIDS/HIV can remain dormant in your system for up to ten years, so you may not have symptoms right away IF you have it! This disease essentially shuts down your immune system which takes away its ability to fight off infections which is why people with this disease can get sick! This makes the range of possible side effects really large, and just because you have one of the numerous symptoms that may be listed doesnt mean you have the disease! The only thing that you can really do is get tested every year if you are that worried about it! The bumps might be caused by stressing out and not taking care of yourself! The best thing you can do right now is to take care of yourself and probably get a good multivitamin if you arent eating well! Just take it a day at a time and try not to let it worry you so much!

  8. Toshiko Reply:

    What does a rash from HIV or AIDS look like? Improve and related links: ]. AIDS What does a Lamictal rash look like? Most people who

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