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What is the worst possible std you can get?

HIV is probably the worst possible STD you could get! Go ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rosalie Reply:

    When a cold sore erupts, there's very little you can do to stop it, and when genital herpes rears its head, there but don't have outbreaks, still admit it, because the truth has a way of appearing at the worst moments. It's possible you contracted the disease before you met her. How to Tell Your Partner You Have an STD Detail:

  2. Analisa Reply:

    What do you think is the worst STD that you can get? most people think that you have to have been sleeping around to get it when that isn’t always the case.

  3. Jaimee Reply:

    I think that if you have its that one but if not its aids More:

  4. Simona Reply:

    The worst STD in the world is HIV/AIDS. More:

  5. Richard Reply:

    HIV. It’s difficult to detect in early stages so infection to other partners can occur without your knowledge and is devastating. More:

  6. Cherri Reply:

    Is Trichomoniasis worst then other STD? And if the guy had it do you think he also had HIV? Like to know!! THANK YOU!!!

  7. Tamiko Reply:

    Sounds like herpes, its possible to have the virus and not know it until you break out! So, if youve had sexual relations with someone else before your current girlfriend, you could have gotten it from them! A lot of people walk around with the virus, which is not curable, just controllable and not know it! They unknowingly spread it around, usually if no protection is used! Once you get the virus you will always have it! Get a blood test done to see if you have the virus! Heres a website to read about it!

  8. Carolynn Reply:

    It will pull up an image. What is the worst std in the world? The worst STD in the world is HIV/AIDS. How you get std? In many cases, having unprotected sex with

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