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Where does Angora Wool Come from

You may have similar questions as How To Harvest Angora Wool and Where Does Angora Wool Come From,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Spin Angora Wool Yarn. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Angora Wool Industry,too. Read more as following:

Angora wool comes from Angora rabbits. These beautiful rabbits are known for their long, soft wool. Angora rabbits tend to be very tame since their wool is frequently combed off of them while being held in their owner's laps.

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How to harvest angora wool?

1. Wait for your rabbit to begin molting. The molt will occur between three to four months after the last molt. You will notice more loose fur around the rabbit’s cage, and more fur coming loose and sticking to the back of the rabbit. 2. Lay the rabb… More »

Where does angora wool come from?

Angora comes from the angora rabbit. It is shorn or plucked from the animal and it d…… More »

How to spin angora wool yarn?

1. Use either a lightweight spindle or a spinning wheel that has a high speed and no tension. This will make the spinning of the angora much easier. 2. Prepare the angora fiber by making sure that the staples are parallel to each other. Staple refers… More »

How to harvest french angora wool?

1. Choose a rabbit that is at least 5 to 8 months in age and has achieved a thick, rich and well-groomed coat of wool fur. When a fair amount of fur starts to come off the rabbit when you groom it, the fur is ready for harvesting. 2. Start at the sto… More »

How to hand spin angora wool?

1. Separate the clean wool locks with your hands, removing any knots, snarls or short hair. Pull apart the fibers in the locks sideways. 2. Lay one of the carding brushes on your lap and take the wool in one hand. Carding brushes have wire bristles,… More »

How do you keep an angora sweater from shedding on your clothes?

Hair spray! It sounds weird but it does keep from getting so much on your pants…. More »

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  1. Hannah Sheppy says:

    I don’t really know what they’re called but they look like lint but dont come of as easy. A lint brush doesnt really help at all. I thought its something that happens after you wash clothes but I just got a new coat and it already has those stupid lent things around the bottom.

  2. Mandyjayne says:

    I have been wondering about this lately and i can only come up with silk. So i was wondering if someone can help me find a few more. Thanks so much for your help!!!!

  3. Aliska says:

    I am trying to buy a sort of, fuzzy coat, I was wondering, what are some other fabrics that are a bit fuzzy? The ones I know are fleece, angora, and velour (sort of).

    What are some others?

  4. Vega The Spaniard says:

    I have a beautiful blue 100% Angora vintage winter coat that I recently bought from an op shop and I’m wondering what is the best way to clean it?
    I’m asking cause I’m in Australia and its winter and bloody freezing outside!

  5. Carlie says:

    i work in a shop and we sell both merino wool sweaters and mohair sweaters but i dont know where either come from. is there an animal called a merino? or a mohair? please help, it’s bugging me.

  6. Destanoooo says:

    My bunnies feet got a little dirty (she’s an angora bunny so she has extremely long fur). I can’t give her a bath because her fun is so long it won’t dry and it wil get very matted. Can I take a wash cloth and dish soap and clean her feet? Thank you!!!

  7. Jessica-laine says:

    Do dry cleaners generally separate the whites from the colors for cleaning? (NOT laundry) I’m asking since I’ve gotten some white shirts cleaned that ended up coming out dingy.

  8. Farrah says:

    My rabbit cody is 6 years old He is to old for sedation to be shaved and he might not even make it through it.
    So How can i gently remove them without scaring him or getting him sedated?
    he’s long haired so they grow quite quickly.

  9. Peter Daley says:

    I want to give some black fabric a green sheen, would this be possible by dyeing it? And what kind of fabrics would this be possible with?

  10. April A says:


  11. Gabrielc97 says:

    I’m looking for something warm and comfortable to wear at home for the winter.

  12. Ladyboo says:

    i bought a sweater from a vintage store on thursday and i want to wash it before i wear it. On the label it says “50% mohair 50% wool”
    how do i wash this? is it machine-washable? can i put it in the dryer?

  13. Lauz says:

    I’m a 13 year old boy and I have 2 gerbils now but I’m thinking about having another pet but I’m not sure what to get I’m at school for 6 hours and I would spend a lot of time with my new pet so could u help me ???

  14. Jellydrink :] says:


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