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How do You Take Care of African Violets

You may have similar questions as How to Make an African Violet Bloom and How To Care For African Violets,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Take Care Of African Violets. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Taking Care of African Violets,too. Read more as following:

African Violets should be grown indoors by a window. They like a little sunlight. Before watering the plants you will need to let the water sit in the watering can for at least eight hours.

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How to make african violets bloom?

You need African violet fertillizer. Water 1/2 strength fertilizer every time you water. Wam it a little in the microwave. Put the warm water in a small bowl set the plant into the water and let it soak it up if it uses up all the water fill it with… More »

How to care for african violets?

1. African violets do best when the temperature is between 60 and 76 degrees. Putting them in windows that face the east or north in the summer and facing the south in the winter seems to work best. Shade the plants from direct sun. If they do not ge… More »

How to take care of african violets?

1. Mind the African violet’s persnickety temperament. When it comes to growing conditions, African violets are more particular than most plants. The good news is that they “speak” to you. They let you know immediately when they’re not happy—their lea… More »

How to raise and care for african violets?

1. Select a wide, shallow pot for your African violets. For a small starter plant, a 2- to 4-inch pot is fine; for a full-size plant, increase the pot size by 1 inch over the size of pot the plant is currently in. 2. Use potting soil specially formul… More »

How to propagate & care for african violets?

1. Fill a pot with a mixture of half commercial potting mix and half vermiculite. Use a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. 2. Cut a leaf from a healthy African violet plant. Leave a 1- to 2-inch stem connected to the leaf. Make the cut at an ang… More »

How to care for trailing african violets?

1. Fill a growing container with commercially prepared potting mix designed for African violets. Make certain that the container has holes in the bottom to promote good drainage. 2. Place the roots of the plant into the mix at the depth they original… More »

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  1. Rahmath says:

    I’ve been watering my african violets from the bottom, they get so dry on top, so every once in a while I water from the top. They don’t seem to be growing very much. What can I be doing wrong?

  2. Hayley Brooke says:

    My room-mate’s cat knocked my African violet on the floor and broke the plant right off. The Root is still ok I think and I’ve been watering it like usual but it’s been a couple weeks and there’s still nothing happening. any ideas for me to try?

  3. Sk8trboy650 says:

    My boyfriend bought me an African Violet. It’s an absolutely beautiful plant and i love it..
    But since he bought it for me after the first flowers had died no other violets have come out :(
    It’s been months now.
    How do i take care of it and get it all good looking again?

  4. Lynn says:

    I want to learn how to take care of one. And can you use sink water to water the plant?

  5. Julius Seizure says:

    I recently moved. In the process of moving my house plants were exposed to some cold temperatures (around 5 degrees F). Now a couple of them look like they are dieing. One plant is a African Violet and another is a Peace Lily. Is there anything I can do to save them?

  6. Fishingman5267 says:

    The plant is healthy and I have fertilized it and keep it with my African violets under those light conditions. Anything else I need to do to get the lady slipper to bloom?

  7. Mustafa says:

    African violets, kalanchoe, azalea, gardenias, and freesias.

    Which of these flowers are annuals? And how long will they take to bloom? Which of these are easy to care for? Please reccomend.

  8. Candy3313 says:

    My friend grows african violets indoors and they bloom nearly all year. I’d like to grow them too, but what are some other flowers that would keep blooming all year?

  9. Doglover says:

    I already have 3 Cacti, a Spider plant (which is pretty huge.) and an African Violet.

    I’d like a small plant which is rather hardy… Could I grow a variation of a Bonsai Tree perhaps?

  10. Ginny P says:

    I planted some violets towards the end of last spring and now they are starting to flower. I cut a couple to bring inside and they just shriveled up and died. Is there a trick to cutting these flowers? I just love the smell of violets.

  11. N says:

    My grandmother had a green thumb. As a child, i used to admire all the beautiful flowers. Are they hard to take care of. I am not very good with plants but would welcome any comments

  12. Tina says:

    i just received these beautiful flowers (potted). how do i take care of it. i was going to plant it outside (what do i know?) and my neighbor said no its too hot, its should be indoors…

  13. Rarisa says:


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