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How do You Take Care of An Aloe Plant

You may have similar questions as How To Care For An Aloe Plant and How To Care For An Aloe Vera Plant,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera Plants. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Plant Care Growing Aloe Vera,too. Read more as following:

An aloe plant doesn't actually take a whole lot of care. It does need a significant amount of sunlight, however it only needs watered about every two weeks.

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How to Care for an Aloe Plant

The aloe vera plant is a well-known medicinal plant. Most people have heard about aloe’s ability to heal burns and other wounds. This succulent and attractive plant is very easy to care of and to keep for first-aid purposes…. More »

How to Care for An Aloe Vera Plant?

The aloe vera plant is such a handy plant to have around and is very easy to take care of. The aloe vera plant needs bright lights, so place them where they can get plenty of light exposure. The aloe vera plant can go as long as two weeks without wat… More »

How to Take Care of Aloe Vera Plants?

If you are taking care of an aloe vera plant that is growing indoors, sunny window provides the best environment. During the winter water the plant, but allow the soil to dry completely. During the summer soak the soil, but let it dry out before wate… More »

How to care for an indoor aloe plant?

1. Make sure your indoor aloe vera plant is properly planted in an accommodating container and the correct type of soil. If your aloe plant has leaves about 12 inches long it should be in a pot about 6 inches in diameter, or whatever is half of the l… More »

How to care for aloe plants in florida?

1. Select a spot in full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil. Sandy soil needs no amendment. Amend marl soil with 50 percent organic matter to improve drainage. 2. Turn the soil to 12 inches. Plant the aloes at least 18 inches apart to allow… More »

How to Take Care of An Aloe Plant

Caring for an aloe plant is usually pretty simple, because you do not have to do too much to it for it to grow. I love to keep these around my house just in case someone happen to get burned, because they are good for keepng down the scarring as well… More »

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  1. Reema says:

    The mold is a lime green/yellowish colour. What may have caused this and what can I do to stop it. Do I need to changed all of the soil? Also is there a link to a website that give instructions on how to better care for my aloe plant?

  2. Somanyquestions says:

    I have an aloe plant, and right now it is sitting in a cup of water, it is sprouting fine getting roots and everything. I see it says not to over water, just wanted to know the best way to keep it growing

  3. Annoymous says:

    What good garden shops sell aloe vera plants in flushing, NY? How do you take care of aloe vera plants?

  4. Jasper says:

    And if so, how can you control it and can An aloe plant be trimmed or cut back?

  5. Rebecka says:

    I have an aloe plant that has several shoots that are growing off the “parent.” The biggest one is about 2 inches tall, and has 4 leaves growing. Is that big enough to separate and plant by itself? And what kind of soil do you use for the new plant?

  6. Brianna says:

    Well, me and my mom moved into this place, well there was an aloe plant in the corner, I just need to know what kind of soil it should be in, do I need to water, how much should I water, and general care of the plant. Thank You For Ansering.

  7. Lance Kerwin says:

    I recently had an Aloe Vera plant given to me and I have no Idea how to care for it. How often do I water it? Does it need direct or indirect sunlight? Better kept inside or out? Please help!!

  8. Brad says:

    I just planted a cactus garden on my porch and my aloe plant is brown, I keep watering it but how do I save it from dying?

  9. Rosa Adame says:

    I have a Aloe Vera Plant and It is getting yellow and brittle. It looks like it is dying. I put it in the sun at my window. What can I do?

  10. Mayda B says:

    I recently received an aloe vera plant and it is dying. It has turned brown and I really don’t know what to do! I keep it outside in a pot in the sun (I live in the southern hemisphere so it is the end of summer at the moment) and don’t water it often. How do I save it and care for it properly?

  11. Mustafa says:

    Is anybody tell me please how i can use Aloe-Vera plant for skincare? How do i extract it from leaves? Its now well-grown in a tub at our home. I want to use it for evryday skin care. But i dont know how to extract it from aloe-vera leaves?

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