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How to Kill Grub Worms

You may have similar questions as How To Kill Grub Worms and How To Kill Grub Worms Organically,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Kill Grub Worms And Beetles. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to travel,too. Read more as following:

There are many products on the market that will kill grub worms but you should look for a product that contains Imidacloprid. It is non poisonous to humans but kills the grub worms by paralyzing them which leads to death.

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How to kill grub worms?

1. Pour 1 gallon water into a 2 gallon stock pot. 2. Heat the pot until the water comes to a boil. 3. Add 6 minced garlic cloves and 1-1/2 cup liquid dish detergent to the water. 4. Add 2 tbsp. vegetable oil and 2 tbsp. cayenne pepper or hot chili po… More »

How to kill grub worms organically?

1. Diagnose your brown lawn problem by confirming that grubs are in residence. Dig up several small patches where the lawn is brown and examine the soil and roots for signs of grubs: they are white, curved like the letter "C" and about 1 inch long. I… More »

How to kill grub worms and beetles?

1. Count the number of grubs present in the soil. Use the shovel or hand trowel to dig a soil section 3 to 4 inches wide and deep or up to 1 square foot. If part of the lawn is yellowed or dead, include a bit of that patch in the soil sample. Count t… More »

How to kill grub worms in garden soil?

1. Attract robins to your garden and yard. Robins are songbirds that feed mainly on earthworms and grub worms. Since they do not eat seeds, most traditional bird feed will not lure robins to you. Make a mixture of peanut butter and suet, and place it… More »

How to kill grub worms with dawn soap?

1. Boil 1 gallon of water in a large pot. While the mixture is boiling, add 2 cups of Dawn soap, 2 cups of antiseptic mouthwash and 1 tbsp. of cayenne pepper. Let the mixture cool completely before pouring it into a spray bottle. 2. Locate the areas… More »

When and kills grub worms?

Contact your local garden store and ask them for the "Diazanon alternative" (because Diazanon is no longer legal). Then, the time to apply would be 14 days after peak numbers of June Bugs are noticed. (You’ll see’m buzzing around your outdoor light.)… More »

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  1. Nixra6 says:

    We have tried poison from Lowe’s, Home Depot several times and nothing is working. They are taking over our yard. It is not a fungus, just destructive grub worms. Is there something we can use or mix together that will kill these bugs? Help

  2. Dude says:

    a while back we tried to plant grass in our yard but it would not stay. after a while we stopped. a few years later we tried to make a garden and found a bunch of grub worms in the dirt. so we got to thinking we had a grub worm problem and want to take care of it pronto. what can i do?

  3. I Love My Kitten says:

    I have bermuda grass in my yard and need to get rid of the grub worms.

  4. Sata says:

    I have a lot of lawn and looking for home remedies to kill the grubs. When should I start killing them?

  5. Boom! says:

    Will grub x kill the earth worms in my yard or is it safe. Does it only kill grubs?

  6. Giachetta says:

    Safe for food.

  7. Bonnie B says:

    I noticed I have a grub issue in my flower bed. This time if year, I put down grub control on the lawn.
    Can I put this same stuff down on my flower bed to help control the grubs or will it hurt the flowers?


  8. Kebby says:

    There are spots of dead grass and some of the grass is turning yellow. It has been watered on a regular basis, possibily over watered at one point.

  9. Crayola says:

    Worms in your yard? I know that they are good for the yard and whatever i just have to get rid of them for someone who wants to pay me.

  10. Keelan Gouard says:

    Don’t like to kill insects and have an organic garden, don’t use pesticides. Seem to have a lot of snails/slugs this year. Would rather set them free elsewhere. Hedgehogs enjoy eating them – would it be ok to set them free in the woods?

  11. Julie says:

    thank you

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