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What does a Fig Tree Look Like

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A fig tree has long yellow leaves that bare light green berries that grow very fast into figs. The trunk on the fig tree is tubular and very twisted.

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What size is a fig tree?

The fig tree reaches a height of up to 50 feet at maturity. The tree attains such heights only when grown under ideal conditions in dry, tropical or sub-tropical areas with full sun. Figs grown in other locations, such as Florida, rarely reach full h… More »

What does a Fig Tree Look Like

A common fig tree is a beautiful lush tree with long yellow leaves. They are broad leaves that are cut in a specific pattern with three to five lobes. When the edible figs start growing, they will be abundant with small light green colored berries th… More »

How to look after a fig tree?

1. Adjust the pH of the soil around the fig tree until it is between 6.0 and 6.5. A professional soil-testing laboratory, such as those at county cooperative extension offices, can examine the soil’s pH and its buffering capacity to determine the ame… More »

How to look after indoor fig trees?

1. Put your fig plant in a moderately sunny spot in the house that receives at least a few hours of sunlight each day. A prime location is in front of a window or within close proximity to direct sunlight. 2. Water your fig plant often but decrease w… More »

How to trim fig trees?

1. Purchase a young healthy fig tree from a reputable nursery. Make sure it looks sturdy and strong. 2. Plant the tree in the location you desire. Make sure the ground is moist and allows for adequate draining. 3. Use a sharp knife or scissors to tri… More »

What does a Fig Look Like?

A fig looks like a mineature pear. It is a fruit that is very soft and sweet. The skin is very thin and has a fuzzy texture. It is also a great source of fiber…. More »

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  1. Dee says:

    I have planted a fig tree but it doesnt look very healthy at the moment.Also i have planted grape vines.Could anyone recommend a good organic plant food.

  2. Anicholson says:

    My step-dad has planted some fig trees and we are looking for some advice on how to take care of it. The most important thing we are looking for is what kind of fertilizers to use. We live in Northwest Florida if it makes any difference.

  3. Leo says:

    My 20 year old fig tree has gotten too large (15-20 ft) , and too tall. I need to cut it bak to about 8 ft tall and remove a large limb. I failed to do so this winter. Now there is new spring growth, and formed figs. Can I cut the tree back radically, and not hurt the tree for next year?

  4. Keegan says:

    Apparently Jesus cursed a fig tree in the Bible. A strange thing for anyone to do, let alone God who created it himself. I can only assume the Fig and/or Fig tree is symbolic for something else. What would that be?

  5. Billy B says:

    Looking for a list of woods that are excellent for smoking meats with. Is fig tree wood good?

  6. Jennyhoran says:

    Someone gave me a branch for a fig tree and told me to keep it in a bucket of water for a few days, then plant it in the ground. Are the leaves meant to die?

    I live in australia – the season is late spring, (December is Summer)

  7. Rebecca says:

    I live in California and my neighbor has a fig tree that is growing into my yard. It has several figs growing on it, what should I be looking for when they are ready for picking?

  8. Constanlene says:

    Just bought a small fig tree from Homebase and it looks healthy. Am I likely to get any fruit from it? There were a couple of dead figs on the compost but they could have been from being cultivated in a green house so I am not sure.

    I like in the UK.

  9. Mackenzie Rawr says:

    When is the best time of year to plant a fig tree cutting and how deep should it be planted. Does the cutting need to be a certain thickness and length

  10. Paul Linker says:

    I am looking for a low cost way to stop flies from attacking the figs on my fig tree. Also any ideas about keeping birds away.
    Thanks Bob

  11. Blue Chaos So Nlq says:

    we planted a fig tree about 2 months ago and it doesn’t look healthy. Hardly any new leaves, if any at all. The existing leaves are yellowing. It’s in a fairly high alkali soil.

  12. Hm... says:

    why should Jesus curse a tree that doesn’t have fruit and it is not the season to have fruit? it was not fig tree’s fault. why did Jesus curse the tree? thanks.

  13. Lhomme32 says:

    (Matthew 21:9) The fig tree withered immediately. and the disciples registered surprise then and there

    (Mark 11:12-14 & 20) The morning after Jesus cursed the fig tree, the disciples noticed it had withered and expressed astonishment.

    well, which is it?

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