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What does An Asparagus Plant Look Like

You may have similar questions as How Do New Asparagus Plants Look and How To Plant Asparagus,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Care For An Asparagus Plant. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Much Water Do You Use in an Asparagus Steamer,too. Read more as following:

An asparagus plant looks very similar to a shrubbery you see on the side of the road. The actual asparagus grows out of the ground like a a stalk.

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How do new asparagus plants look?

1. Keep your asparagus bed clear of weeds and other debris, such as rocks, so the asparagus can grow. 2. Look at the ground in the early spring, once the weather warms around your asparagus bed. The asparagus spreads out underground through their roo… More »

How to plant asparagus?

1. Pick an area along a fence or wall or in another part of the yard where there is full sun. Choose a location where the tall asparagus ferns of summer won’t shade anything else that needs full sun. 2. Dig a trench one foot deep and one foot wide. M… More »

How to care for an asparagus plant?

1. Create a garden bed away from other vegetables. The asparagus can create shade that will minimize the growth of other plants. Select a location that has well-drained, fertile and loamy soil. 2. Plant the asparagus crown after the threat of frost p… More »

How to winterize asparagus plants?

1. Allow asparagus foliage to die before winterizing your asparagus plants. Asparagus foliage will turn brown or yellow and begin to fall back to the ground when it is dead. This usually happens after the first or second hard frost. In frost free are… More »

How to plant an asparagus patch?

1. Till the area in which you plan to plant asparagus to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. 2. Create a 5- to 6-inch furrow with a hoe. If you’re planting multiple rows, space the rows 5 feet apart. 3. Place a line of triple superphosphate fertilizer down the… More »

How to plant texas asparagus?

1. Prepare an area in your garden that contains well-drained soil and full sun. Asparagus plants prefer soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. The soil pH in Texas varies. For instance, East Texas tends to have acidic soil, but other areas of Texas that… More »

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  1. Crystal Sutton says:

    I bought a topsey turvey tomato grower, followed the instructions, and my tomato plant looks like a piece of asparagas. Will it come back or should I get a new plant

  2. Mr.teamonmyback says:

    Here is a picture that I took of the plant. if this might help, I live mid Colorado. dead center of colorado Springs and Denver.

    Sorry that the picture isn’t that perfect. Took with my cell phone.

    Nope not rubarb. no leafs.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth Grac3 Keating says:

    Im trying to find a picture of what asparagus looks like when you first plant it is it the spears that they call the crowns to plant or is it the fern part that you use to plant

  4. O-: says:

    I am looking for some plants that are durable in the Houston climate. I don’t tend to have good luck with plants so Im looking for something that wont die easily. The pots I have are fairly large.

  5. Kellyanna says:

    I plan on growing asparagus next year, but I’m not sure if its better to get the seeds, or the crowns. I’m interested in knowing how each will perform.
    I basically want to know if its better to grow seeds, or grow the crowns.

  6. Bethany says:

    I’m going to move up to Barrie, Ontario and I would like to know what kinds of plants grow well there.
    It would be nice to know about a couple of flowers, but I am more interested in edible plants.
    For those who don’t know, Barrie is about in the middle of Ontario.

  7. Katie says:

    Duing a round of golf last summer I saw this awesome looking plant which I have been told is called Horsetail and I would like to try and grow it around the house in Southeast Michigan.

    Anybody ever hear of this and / or know where to get this plant?

  8. Cupcake Muffin says:

    The plant is the shape of asparagus. The stalk looks like a pink and yellow barber pole. The top is yellow-ish and the stalk is sticky like tree sap. I live at about 5000 feet of above sea level.

  9. Janelle Bows says:

    Our community produces a large amount of fresh veggies and herbs but I am thinking that I would like to plant something that I have not planted before.
    Any constructive suggestions?

  10. Marta says:

    We live in Southern Louisiana. We have a large yard with oak and pine trees so the majority of the yard gets only partial sun most of the day. I am looking for herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

  11. Lossera says:

    I have pink and yellow snapdragons but I need a small green plant to separate the rows. I don’t want anything growing too tall or overwhelming the snapdragons visually. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  12. Ms. H says:

    The asparagus top has grown out in what looks like little branches? It does not have the regular stem top. Can I just cut off the where the sprouts have started to sprout out and just east the little section from the ground to top?

  13. Just_me14 says:


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