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What is Eating my Petunias

You may have similar questions as Why Are My Petunias Dying and what eats petunias,or you may also seek several useful information about Which Bugs Eat Petunias. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Pest Is Eating My Petunias,too. Read more as following:

Most likely slugs or snails are responsible for eating your petunias. It could also be a budworm, or caterpillars, the green ones are especially fond of petunias.

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Why are my petunias dying?

Petunias, a low-maintenance and bright-blooming plant from spring till frost, are one of the most popular flowering annuals. There are hundreds of varieties in a multitude of colors. However, under certain adverse conditions, your petunias may die. S… More »

What eats petunias?

Petunias are relatively pest-free. They may fall prey to common insects such as aphids, thrips and whiteflies. Watch for leaf damage and look under leaves for tiny insect clusters. Earwigs live in the ground and under decaying leaves. They feed on pl… More »

Which bugs eat petunias?

Budworms leave black spots on the leaves and flowers of the host plant. The budworm, also known as the petunia or geranium bud worm, is a small worm-like moth larva that feeds on many species of flowering plants, including petunias. Budworms often le… More »

What eats petunia foliage?

If plants are suddenly missing their foliage, one or both of these two pests are likely to blame. Special fencing designed to keep deer and rabbits from damaging plants helps. Special sprays, including those that contain capsaicin, also help discoura… More »

What Insects Are Eating My Petunias? Insects don’t usually pose a huge problem for petunias. However, pest infestations do occur, especially on plants that are not healthy. Keep an eye out for aphids, cutworms, flea beetles, slugs, tiger moths, and tobacco budworms, which at… More »

Where do You Pinch Back Petunias?

You pinch back petunias on the flowers stem. Do this at about four inches above the ground. You should see new blooms appear within a week or two…. More »

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  1. Kelsey Peyton says:

    Something is eating my petunias. First it ate all the flowers, now it’s eating the leaves. Today, I noticed what look like little flecks of dirt or almost similar to rodent droppings (but much smaller). This is a hanging plant. Any idea what this could be? Any natural remedies? Thanks!

  2. Nancy B says:

    Rabbits keep eating my petunias and Mexican heather. They’re working on the pentas, too. Have you tried any good techniques to keep them away? Thanks so much for the help!

  3. Ocean says:

    They are eating my petunias

  4. R says:

    I keep picking them off and killing them and they just come back. Hardly any of my plants have flowers becasue the worms are eating them overnight. Does anyone have a solution to this. I have sprayed them with pestisides but it didn’t work.

  5. Inmirror says:

    Eats petunias and yard grass daily along with regular bagged guinea pig food. Could this be bladder issues such as kidney stones or dye from flowers. For a couple of weeks now, pig seems to be a bit more agitated when picked up.

  6. Moushi Moushi says:

    I had a petunia plant setting in an old chair. Each day more of the plant was eaten, until is was entirely gone. I saw a chipmonk near by, and assume that it was the destructive animal. Is there a way to keep it out without killing it?

  7. Wasabi32967 says:

    I have heard they can eat rose petals, petunias, peeled peaches and mint, but I want to know if there are any others I’m missing.

  8. Belieber939 says:

    My mother’s garden has a few problems with pests, particularly on her petunias. They consist of caterpillars and aphids. Is there a organic/natural way to get rid of them and keep them away from the tomatoes by the petunias?

    She thanks you in advance.

  9. Armywife2010 says:

    catapillars are eating the flowers my petunias. Either home remedy or strore product

  10. I Love Tylerbee says:

    I’ve tried it to eat once before my mother Petunia had to call 911. They sliced my throat open and pulled out the stylus do not try this at home. I am a daredevil and need to complete this gut-wrenching task. (It must be done!!!!!)

  11. Princesssmokey says:

    I heard allergy is rare to potatoes so what could someone do if they have an allergy to it? Could they still eat it and how would they have to have it prepared it?

    Thanks alot for your answers.

  12. Hang Fire says:

    What kind of bug is this? I have alot of them and they are eating my petunias, is there anything I can do to stop them? I have planted petunias in the same spot for the past 3 years and never saw them before..please help!!

  13. April says:


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