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What Smells Repel Mice

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Mice hate the smell of many natural herbs such as: peppermint, cloves and cayenne pepper. They also hate the smell of ammonia and bleach.

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Does mint repel mice?

The house mouse, or Mus musculus, lives all over the world. An adult mouse grows to only 3 or 4 inches in length, not including its tail. They have large ears and small black eyes. They are active mostly at night, when they scavenge for food—they w… More »

What smells repel mice?

Other rodents or food can repel mice!… More »

What Scent Repels Mice?

Mice are repelled by peppermint and spearmint. You can also make a mixture of water and tabasco sauce and spray it where you think mice are. That will repel them also…. More »

What Smells Repel Dogs?

There are certian "repelling" granules that you can find in pet stores that will keep dogs out of certain places in the yard. They also hate the smell of rubbling alcohol and mothballs…. More »

How to make a repellent for mice?

1. Scatter throughout the house, particularly in low-traffic areas. (You’ll want to avoid the kitchen, as the smell can permeate and ruin stored food) Mice are sensitive to certain smells. Moth balls are an effective rodent dissuader but should never… More »

How to repel mice naturally?

1. Mice hate strong scents such as mint. Chop a handful of fresh mint leaves. Sprinkle the leaves around your home, suggests Golden Harvest Organics. Alternatively, place two drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them around your home. Ch… More »

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  1. Madison says:

    Smells that repel mice?

  2. Xaussie Princessx says:

    I don’t have a cat or any animal but I heard that cat nip spread around the house ( in crawl spaces, attics) etc. will repel mice.

    They will smell it and think a cat is in the house.

    Anyone try this?

    Regards to all!!!

  3. Fotojunkie7 says:

    Hi. Those plug-in sonic repel things don’t work worth a dime. I also don’t want to use mothballs because they stink. I could just use glue traps to catch them, but I want to repel them from my house period. I don’t want an indoor pet, either. Any suggestions?

  4. Cyril Jed says:

    Natlural products – I mean household items such as spices, herbs, cleaning products that you use in the home, anything that is not toxic to small children, but can prevent mice from coming into the house when they smell the product.

  5. Saffa says:

    I know cedar wood/chips is good to repel mosquitoes, moths, and fleas but what are all of the other insects it also repels?
    Also are there any bugs that are attracted to cedar?

  6. Nicholas Gandhi says:

    I’m looking for natural ways to repel pests like mice, ants, etc. from my house without harming any of them. Can anyone help me?

    And yes, this is the veg section of food but many of you are ethical vegans so I thought you might know. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  7. Jessie J Xxx says:

    I have a tall shoe rack concealed on wall with doors. Due to the humid weather in Asia, sometime we have molds on the leather shoes, and the it smells bed too when the doors are opened. Current solution is to use some of those air freshioner in the market to remove the odor.

  8. Angela Barlow says:

    I have heard that dryer sheets will keep mice out an area like a basement. Unfortunately, I have a small bunch of bats living between the walls of my house, and am seeking a way of driving them out without grossly damaging the wall(s) or killing the bats.

  9. Arc says:

    Mine tend to paw at imaginary mice and stuff, is it merely a stimulant, depressant, or kitty-LSD?

  10. Lorena Cuahutle says:

    maybe the opposite of a stink bomb, some smell humans wouldn’t mind? Along the lines of pennyroyal which i’ve heard repels fleas. I just hate killing the poor things. Thank you for your answers.

  11. Sonicboom says:

    My roommate says we can’t use poison. And the mice often eat off the bait off of the traps. I tried a non deadly trap and they busted the trap door…

  12. Iannie says:

    I would like to know in particular about mice and roaches and food ants, someone told me that mice dont like mint. Are there any other non-chemical remedies to rid or prevent their entrance?

  13. Shaina says:

    Mousetrap? Mouse poison? Glue? Or those ultrasound gagdets that are supposed to repel rodents?
    Very good answers everyone! Thank you!
    I had a hard time choosing the best answer so am putting it to a vote.

  14. Ichigozgeneangels says:

    Will heavy exposure for 24 hours kill or hurt me really bad? I have a mouse problem.

  15. Florenz says:

    It can’t be cats or rats or other predators. Thanks.

  16. Ashraf says:


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