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a Sharpie marker went through the wash then marked up the dryer. How do i get it off?

You can try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, it might work well or you can use nail polish remover to get the marker stains off the dryer.
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Does a sharpie permanent marker come off when you wash it?

um no but u can spray it with hair spray and rub hard and then put it in it will then :) Reference: haleys cleaning ints

What takes sharpie marker off something?

Try alcohol or a product called Goof Off available at paint departments

Will Sharpie Marker Wash Off Windows/Glass?

Sanford (the manufacturer) has a great website and it used to include info on how to remove particular products from various surfaces.You might want to check it out.

can you wash an autographed hockey jersey signed with a sharpie marker?

i used sharpie to write on a t-shirt once and when i washed it it bled all over.. and ruined the shirt.

What material is a Sharpie marker (fine point) tip made out of? I want to make my own marker?

Here’s a link to instructions on marker making – it may help…:) iewtopic.php?t=7939

Can the Rub-A-Dub Laundry Marker work the same as the Sharpie Permanent marker?

I use them interchangeably. I feel like with the rub a dub, you have that guarantee that it will never wash out.

Do you have to use a special pen/marker to write on a CD-r, or can you just use a Sharpie permanent marker?

the best, cleanest, and most organized is using a label. write something on the label and stick it on the cd. make sure it is a high quality label though.

How do you get sharpie marker off your skin?

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, which is basically alcohol.

Can you get high from smoking a Sharpie marker?

Never tried but why would you its like inhaling poison do if you or some one aww you beter get them you now is doing this not try it pur stupidity some help

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