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Can a room be sound-proofed with egg cartons?

While egg cartons do provide effective baffling to reduce echo, they do not provide true soundproofing.
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Do egg cartons really sound proof a room?

No. Sound proofing is a very home remedies do not do. See a sound expert and specialized thing and the usual it. Foam, foam rubber, paper and such are worthless plan to spend a lot of money.

How do you sound-proof a room using egg cartons?

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does putting egg cartons on the wall really sound proof the room??

It definately helps, yes.

How many cartons of cigs can you bring back from Mexico without the penalty – I think it’s 2 cartons

yes 2 cartons only.

why cant they make the milk cartons like the oj cartons with the twist off cap on it

They do. That’s all I buy.

i want to make my room more sound absorbent. I want to use egg cartons, but i dont know how that works?

egg cartons and hot glue…cork works great but is a bit pricey.

Egg cartons for soundproofing a room?

I would say 5 thick. Then just to try it, I would.

How do I soundproof a room using egg cartons?

They don’t soundproof a room

When she enters the room the air change and when she speaks there is no other sound in the room, why

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How can a basement be water-proofed?

By making sure all the cracks on the outside and the inside are sealed up… You can by this kind of cock at your local Supply store.

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