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Can bad tires make a car shake?

Tires that are out of round or unevenly worn can cause a car to shake and vibrate when it is driven due to the uneven tread pattern.
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can a bad car computer chip make the car shake at start up?

one of your sparkplugs or leads is faulty and once the sorting itself out my wifes at the moment but i engine is warm it s car is doing that too cant be bothered to fix it!!!

Will car tires go bad if not being used?

Tires have a shelf life, as well as a wear buy a set of tires. In most cases, of course, the tires wear out from life. Tires just sitting and not rot. They will weaken over time be sure to check the used are subject to dry and become unsafe. That is why you should date of manufacture when you use before they rot.

Does bad gas cause “check engine” light to come on and make your car shake?

Sounds like bad gas. Let the tank run empty gas.It sounds like you filled up and put some ‘dry gas’ in the tank when you fill up. Might be water in the at a station that was running low on gas.

Is it bad to make the back tires spin in a car?

Overtime yes if you constantly smash the pedal to the floor. This stresses the drive train and should not be done but on occasion.

I want to trade in my 2008 Dodge Magnum of a needs new tires. Does any one know if new car but my Magnum by CA. law,do car dealers have to replace the tires?

The car dealer would replace the, if it needs tires they will undervalue your trade due to the fact that it needs repairs. Put a new set of tires on it, and get what your tade in is actually worth at tires before they sell it they can for the vehicle is taken into consideration on to get the most money. Any work the car needs the value of the trade the dealer.

My frount end shakes real bad between the speeds of 45mph tires on the front of and 60mph.this started after i put wider my car. do you know how to s

Have your tires balanced, or put the old ones back on.

is it bad for a car to floor it out of a red light and make the tires spin?

Of course. You’re wasting tire tread. You’re putting unnecessary strain on the drivetrain. The gas doesn’t burn completely under full throttle internal components of the engine, so it’s viscosity might break down. And you’re doing one hell of a, so you’re probably creating deposits on the. You’re heating the oil way up number on your clutch or transmission.

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