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Can i cut through a hollow cylinder of glass with a fine file

Yes. A small triangular file will let you cut glass tubing to approximately the right size.
Some information by our algorithm and check these resources as below:

what type of tumbler lock looks like a half circle? Such as a hollow cylinder cut in half.?

man I’m a locksmith and i dint know, You can find out by calling the machine manufacture. And with your knowledge of locks you should know that. Are you a locksmith?

The surface area of a hollow cylinder varies jointly with the height and radius of the cylinder. (see below)?

If you slit a hollow cylinder cylinder (which is now mentally a rectangle) is: 2Ï€rhSo we have:2Ï€rh = 2Ï€(2)(8) = 32Ï€ = 100.53096The surface area is about 100 open and laid it flat.Its surface are would be the the circle was.The circumference of a circle equals, it would be a rectangle height times the width.The height would be ‘h’.The width would be… however long the circumference of: 2Ï€rSo the surface area of any.5 square inches.

a hollow cylinder of diameter 10cm and height 12 cm contains 20 spheres of radius 1.5 cm. the cylinder is then

The volume of a sphere is (4/3)pi(r^3) so the spheresoccupy 14.14cm^3 each or 282.74cm^3 for 20The volume of the cylinder is pi*r^2*h=942.48cm^3The difference (659.73cm^3) will be filled with a liquidwhose density is 8gm/cm^3. Its mass will be 5277.9 gm

What is the moment of inertia of a hollow cylinder?

The moment of inertia of a about the diameter, then the moment of inertia can be calculated as: I = 1/2(MR^2) (Inertia = 1/2 x mass x radius squared hollow cylinder depends on which. If the axis of rotation is can be calculated as: I = MR^2 (Inertia = mass x radius squared) If the axis of rotation is around the symmetry axis, then the moment of inertia axis of rotation you choose)

a solid cylinder and a hollow cylinder have equal masses and diameters.which one would roll down a slope faste?

solid, solids go faster

How do you cut glass bottle with a glass cutter?

If you are handy, you can make your own shape that is lying on its back. On the longer length, attach a piece of the 1/2 round on the length edge. Do the same on the other edge. This creates a cradle so the bottle will not move forward or back. Now, lay the bottle in the cradle with the bottom of bottle against the foot of the L. Figure out where you want the bottle to be cut and place the glass cutter on the 1/2 round against the glass. Slowly turn the bottle until you have scored the entire way around. remove the glass cutter and gently tap around the score line. The bottle should come apart pretty easily. If it doesn’t, wrap the bottle in an old towel and gently tap it with a rubber mallet jig. You will need a pine’ length and a 4′ length. A piece of 1/2 round molding and a glass’ pine to make an L cutter. Connect the 2 pieces of 4 board 1′ thick x 4′ wide cut into a 12. Have fun!

Hollow cylinder vs Solid cylinder. Which has a better strength to weight ratio?

Of course a hollow cylinder will of the inner material affects the overall strength very little. On the the other hand it reduces the weight considerably. It would normally be uneconomic to use a solid cylinder for structural support rather than a hollow cylinder, unless the cylinder is very have a better strength: weight ratio than a solid bearing the most stress in section furthest from the central cylinder. The section of a cylinder terms of bending is the axis. So getting rid of most small in diameter.

How to cut, sharpin glass

You could get something that is arrow, put it over the glass strong enough to cut the glass then get a play and cut it. If it doesnt’ work then I don’t know what to tell you.

How do you cut stained glass?

Just like you cut regular glass. Here is a website that will explain and more>> ork.html

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