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Can I put my sneakers in the washing machine?

You can wash sneakers in the washing machine. Set the washing machine for the "delicate cycle" and use cold water. Allow the sneakers to air dry.
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Can you put sneakers in a washing machine?

Yes. Especially if they are white sneakers. They make some noise, but they come out really regular detergent and added the sneakers. I have added 1/4 cup of bleach to the clean!

can you put sneakers in the washing machine?

its finejust let them air dry…DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER

Can you put suede in the washing machine?

Absolutely not.

Can you put sperry shoes in the washing machine?

There is a whole range of washed in the washing machine. If you have a fancy pair of leather Sperry shoes, it is probably not wise to put the in the washing machine although I do often put my leather Sketchers in the washing machine as they get a bit whiffy in the summer and they have always come out of the wash just fine. Sperry canvas shoes, summer shoes and sporting shoes can probably be put into the washing machine with no problem, but be sure to have the temperature setting on cold and do not put them into direct sun to dry as this may cause the shoes to go hard and become uncomfortable, rather dry them over a couple of days. Many washing machines do have special wash programs for shoes that allows for a couple of pairs of shoes to be washed at a time, so check that you machine does a shoe wash, if it doesn’t then you can put your shoes into a normal wash with the temperature setting on cold. I hope that my answer is Sperry shoes, so it would depend on have and what they are or not they can be made of as to whether what type of shoes you of some help.

Are lighted sneakers safe to put in the washing machine?

I would assume so. I have washed my kids are sealed into the rubber lighted sneakers and they came out fine. My thinking was that they otherwise everytime it rained you would ruin them

Can you put sneakers/tennis shoes in the washing machine?

YES U CAN…I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the off easily. Place your shoes and shoe laces in the washer, along with some towels or blankets. Add your favorite flavor of detergent. Set water temperature to cold and start (shoes shouldn’t shrink, but this will help to keep the colors from fading) Take the shoes out once they are finished and place in sun to dry. Make sure that they Relace and wear those ‘like new’ shoes! Tips – Washing your shoes with towels or blankets will prevent the dryer from getting off balance. Drying your shoes in the sun may take a few days, depending on how thick they are. If you do not feel comfortable washing your shoes in the washer, you can also scrub them in the sink with soap dryer though,it is best to set them want them!How to Wash ShoesThis will explain some simple steps in a washing machine.Steps – Unlace your shoes. Clean off any excess mud or out & let them dry…I have added instructions if u for washing your tennis shoes dirt that can be brushed and a brush.

Can you put ipod carrying case in the washing machine?

As long as it is made from a washable fabric & it doesn’t contain anything electrical, it should be just fine.

Dishwasher blitzed. Can I put the dishes in the washing machine, on gentle cycle?

Do you have a dog? Amazing tongue power.A pick up truck? You could put them in the bed and run through the car wash.Kids, a ladder and a shotgun? Take them(the dishes, not the kids) up on the roof and practice skeet shooting.

Is it safe to put trainers/sneakers inside the washing machine?

they might shrink but it might be ok

I have a jeep liberty 2003 3.7 engine. had it put on machine , 2 , 6 . ok replaced plugs and coils it said misfire on 1. put it back on machine it sai

Check fuel pressure.

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