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Can you fix an engine block with J-B weld ? ( REBEL BOY )

Yes. You can weld an engine block, except if is aluminum. You can try using a J-B Weld Cold Weld product to fix it. But check first with a mechanic!
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does J B WELD work to fix a cracked engine block?

only even possible if you fixed the hole and jb weld what went bad in the if you already fixed everything temperature stuff and use another first place but its possible else make sure its high peice of metal to cover to keep it there

Can you weld an aluminum engine block?

You can weld alluminium, finding someone to do it another issue.

there are leaks in engine block, they say it will cost of my 05 nissan primera much to fix, how can i fix it?

Sealents. I just dont trust those. I would strongly strongly recommend that you guy a an engine block gasket and get it replaced. I guess getting it fixed with a mechanic will be a good idea. An engine is a combustion device and you have to treat it with respect or you will kill the engine. Keep your engine, the gear box and your radiator well maintained and you should be able to give some life to the car. Also it is HIGHLY recommended that you use SYTHENTIC oils for your engine, gear box and a high quality coolant for the radiator products. If you dont care for stuck in some strange spot temporarily stop the leak and your car and you are and u just want to an absolute emergency, ONLY then use a sealant.

How hard is it to fix a cracked block on an engine?

It’s impossible! Time to say bye bye to your engine! Sorry! Well, just the block actually.

do drag racers use cement in the water jackets of engine block to cool the engine block?

I agree w/dadof9. Modern drag racers use a all that weight.They could just drain the water out of the block and leave it empty,but the filler also makes it lightweight block filler.Back in the day, it was cement.They do this for a couple for a quarter mile or a cooling system (radiator,fan,waterpump,coolant,etc)unne cessary and can therefore shed so, then its shut off making of reasons,mainly because the engine only runs stronger.

how can i fix a pin hole in my engine block (fast)?

It most likely an internal problem with the engine, ie..cracked head, blown head gasket. Now I have used a product called Barq’s stop leak and Aluma-seal, Both worked ok, and got me where I was going, but they are a quick fix, not a permanent repair. Good luck, hope this helps, Chris

What si the procedure to weld a crack in a tractor engine?

It realy depends on the crack the weld to reduce oxidation even better==if you are not use to workimg with cast seek a prowelder who is it would be worth the fee — when finished use a good leak suppresant in radiator along with fresh anti freeze and radiator flush == i know lot of options where it is ===i have good lick with brazing and some specialty rods for over ac welders and ones with brass and silver brazing cast ===cast is difficult to repair dc that used inert gass to hope i helped

about how much would it cost to fix an engine block on a 1994 jeep yj?

What exactly needs fixing?

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