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can you use a paper towel instead of a coffee filter to make coffee?

Yes. You can use paper towels or napkins to replace coffee filters. Some have used cheesecloth and muslin.
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Have you ever had to use a paper towel as a coffee filter?

Yes, I have had to use one many times. It works as good as the real thing.

can i use a small paper, put grounds in coffee and coffee filter in a cup poor hot water over it?

Yes i have done that when my coffee maker broke. But sometimes the grounds get all over and in my coffee. Just be careful.

Has anyone got a coffee filter machine? How do you make the coffee taste stronger? do you filter twice?

tightly pack the coffee in the filter, it will make the water sit longer before reaching the glass pot

How do you make coffee without a filter or paper towels?

just put some coffee granules in a cup and add water (and milk if you want) Reference: obvious stuff

how to make a good filter coffee? what is the ideal mix of water and coffee powder?

Sorry, never heard of filter coffee being made with ‘coffee powder’.

Why does water pass through filter paper and coffee stays in the filter paper?

Water has a smaller molecule substance but thats the basics of then the coffee grounds. However the small molecules from the runs through the filter and.Theres more to it then that will comebine with the water coffee which is the flaver how it works.

Coffee grains gets into the coffee pot through the filter. How do I make it stop & why is it doing this?

I love my cup of coffee in the morning it wakes me up/

How much coffee do I put in the filter per cup of water? Never made coffee and no scoop in bag?

I like my coffee a little water.Have some for me sounds pretty in for every cup of stronger. I put a Heaping Teaspoon good.

what coffee and coffee maker make the best coffee at home

It depends on what type of the water.The biggest problem people have is focusing on the maker and beans and ignoring the water, which makes up most of the coffee.You can start with tap water, but it should be filtered using a quality filter such as the Pur Water filter before going into the coffee maker. Even if you use bottled water, if it is in plastic bottles, you should filter it before using it in coffee, since plastic bottles tend to impart a bad taste in coffee you want. Drip, espresso, percolated, etc. The maker is not that brands should be able to beans and the quality of make good coffee.What matters most, is the quality of the important, and any of the major bottled water.

how to make coffee without a coffeemaker and coffee filter?

To be honest, the ‘coffee makers’ we know so well are. For centuries coffee was made with boiled water and some crushed coffee beans / coffee grinds. The originators of coffee, middle-east nomadic tribes still make it that way.As soon as the water just starts to boil, put in the spoon of coffee grinds, and take it of the hotplate right away. Let it sit for 1 minute, then pour it through a sieve into a coffee cup. That draws out more of the qualities of coffee that coffee is famous for, the flavour and the aroma and the cafeine. Its a shame that people only think of those drip-machines as THE way, its only an invention for convenience, and it became so famous, the vast majority of people un-learned some truths and ways of not the best way to known way, and they were invented for coffee, and its certainly NOT the make coffee, they are only the best CONVENIENCE, not really for quality of only way to make coffee coffee.

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