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Can you use gasoline in a zippo lighter?

No, gasoline is not the right fluid to use for your zippo lighter, and could potentially harm you if you used it.
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Is it legal for any1 under 16 to buy zippo lighters, zippo lighter fluid, zippo lighter wicks or zippo flints?

Unless Connecticut has recently released new blue laws, it’s probably just the gas station’s store policy.

Smokers, do you use a disposable lighter, or a Zippo type lighter?

I use the Zippo untill it untill I get more lighter then I use my Disposable runs out of fluid and fluid.:)

How do I put lighter fluid in a Zippo lighter?

Pull the lighter out of the bottom where the cotton is casing, and fill it at the !

Why not use butane in a zippo lighter?

The butane will not light a zippo lighter and also if cause the zippo light to Zippo lighter fluid or an explode. I reccomend either using the it does it can also exquivalent to it.

Can a Zippo lighter be filled with Odorless Mineral Spirits instead of Zippo Lighter Fluid?

You could try it without any damage. There may be some stink, though, so I would not smell harm. You can’t get a bottle of Ronson? Your other choice is Naptha Zippos as an alternative.I do not believe you will for 3 or 4 dollars, which is commonly used in damage anything. There is really nothing to it.

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